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Swinglifestyle Review From Experts: The Truth About Online Sex

Swinglifestyle Review From Experts: The Truth About Online Sex
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Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 79%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 16 000 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Swinglifestyle is the ability to fulfill your sexual fantasies safely and securely. It is not about obscenities, nudes, and pointless searches, but rather about communication with like-minded people, a pleasant pastime, and a real unforgettable experience. The Swinglifestyle website and app provide the ability to search for swingers within walking distance without any complications or prejudices. SLS was created for the self-seeking persons who want to get new kinds of pleasure and thrill from meeting people who think in the same direction. Such a large community of swingers brings people together in their quest and sexual endeavors, and the Swinglifestyle reviews will prove it.

Swinglifestyle advantages and disadvantages

Swinglifestyle advantages and disadvantages

Swinglifestyle is the largest community in the world for this theme. Users are provided with an extensive list of options and information. SLS is an effective way to get your hidden desires gratified. Despite this, SLS, like all other apps, has its pros and cons, and Swinglifesyle review should tell you about them. The list of benefits includes:

  1. Convenience
  2. You don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for the partners you need. You just need to register on the website or in the app, and Swinglifestyle will do everything for you. The expanded personality information menu allows you to match the right people with similar interests and preferences accurately.

  3. Safety
  4. Being an open-minded person, it is complicated not to run into trouble and judgment from the outside. Being confident that a real person is sitting on the other side of the screen with the same views on sex, you cannot be afraid of being deceived. To get real and positive emotions, you need to spend time with real and positive people. Profiles are only approved by verified and experienced Swinglifestyle users, which significantly minimizes the number of fakes and the likelihood of being tricked, bumping into spam, or unnecessary ads.

  5. Diversity
  6. Swinglifestyle website and app have a vast number of users around the world. About seven thousand new users join the community every week. Many diverse personalities with their interests and preferences are looking for people for fun and new experiences. The dating system allows you not to get hung up on one thing but to be in constant active search. You can view other users’ photos, start communicating with them while chatting with other people and choosing a more suitable option for yourself.

  7. Lack of analogs
  8. Swinglifestyle is the world’s largest swinger community, constantly evolving and attracting new members. Therefore, everything is set up clearly for a specific audience of users. By connecting to Swinglifestyle, you can be sure that you will be understood and have a good time. Where else can you find a website and application with such functionality and a massive selection of special features?

  9. Functionality
  10. Using SLS, you immediately notice the absence of unnecessary options that distract attention. Everything in Swinglifestyle is set up for ease of use. Neither the application nor the site asks you for a considerable amount of unnecessary information. Knowing who you are and what your goal is in the community is quite enough.

  11. Exciting process
  12. After registering, you no longer want to leave the application because it attracts all the attention. The desire to see who has visited your profile will not leave you. Swinglifestyle is a separate world for swingers that you will never want to get out of, that will pull you in and give you many new exciting sensations.

    Even though the number of pros compensates for the number of cons, it is still worth knowing about them. A few points, according to the Swinglifestyle reviews, that can be ranked as disadvantages:

  13. Approachability
  14. Although Swinglifestyle has many users, the app and site are still developing for accessibility to residents of Eastern Europe. Not all couples will be close to where you live. In certain cases, it will be quite problematic to meet people who suit your needs and preferences.

  15. Paid features
  16. To take full advantage of Swiglifestyle, you will need to purchase a paid membership. A free membership gives you access to a limited number of features. As a free user, you will not be able to view the map in the application and conduct dialogues in chats.

  17. Adaptability
  18. SLS is constantly adding new members, initially targeting a specific audience. People around the world are becoming part of the community, creating a demand for adapting the application to their geolocation and language. The application is still in the process of development and adjustment for some categories of users. For now, the Swinglifestyle review notes this as a negative, but the issue will be fixed in the future.

Swinglifestyle review about website and app design

Swinglifestyle review about website and app design

The Swinglifestyle website and app have a clean, no-frills design. Everything is clear and accessible for a new user: a convenient navigation system for the site and application, non-distracting interface colors, a logical arrangement of the necessary functions, and tabs. There is an icon for authorization and registration of users; in the application, authorization occurs on the main screen. You can save your data and initialize without re-entering the required parameters. Navigation in the application is not significantly different from the website. All the necessary sections are on the screen’s left side, and other users are displayed right in the middle. The color scheme consists of white and purple tones that set a playful and sexy mood, stimulating partners’ search. In the application, following the profile you like in the matching section at the bottom of the screen, you will see the chat, video call, adding to friends, and block icons.

There is a menu on the right side of the screen by clicking to edit your profile, add photos, write what you have new, and add information. When you log in to the community through the Swinglifestyle website, the functions for editing your profile, photo gallery, account, and settings will be located in the upper right corner in your nickname section. On the left side of the screen, you will be able to go to the forum, see scheduled events and swinger clubs. Also, on the left menu, you can go to the registration of a paid membership. You can still do it almost everywhere since the site, and the application will offer you to pay for opening a particular function. On the screen’s right side, using the Swinglifestyle website, you can see how many people are online and how many people have joined the community per day and week. On the columns of the proposed profiles, you can see the distance the swingers are from you, which is very convenient and practical.

There are a lot of potentially exciting things on the site that is displayed on banners. And in the right section, you can read sex stories of other swinger users. Swinglifestyle review states that both the site and the mobile application’s design corresponds to their functionality and theme. You will not see anything superfluous and not useful for you.

Guided tour of the special features of the site and application

Guided tour of the special features of the site and application

Swinglifestyle has a fairly extensive list of special features. You can go through the proposed sections on the site and get acquainted with existing swinger groups, visit the swinger forum, or read experienced swingers’ stories. You can also discover the world of sex toys and other accessories, find out where there are swinger clubs, and read articles on this topic. If you have long dreamed of an exhilarating trip, then you can go to the cruise section and see the possible vacation options for nudists.

What security features does Swinglifestyle have?

Communicating with people through the Swinglifestyle website or app is safe. Moderators check each profile. Moderators are direct regular SLS users who have purchased a paid subscription. The advantage is that real people verify the authenticity of the information provided. To register in the application, you must indicate your existing mail, thus significantly minimizing the risks of getting to scammers. The user profile must be 80 percent filled with information to interact with other participants, then checked and analyzed. Your mail and real name will be visible only to moderators. Your communication with swingers will take place under the nickname you invented. Your personal information remains confidential.

What do Swinglifestyle profiles look like, and what information do they contain?

What do Swinglifestyle profiles look like, and what information do they contain?

Swinglifestyle profiles consist of a user photo and a description of the person. The profiles indicate information important for selecting partners, such as appearance, age, sexual preferences, and place of residence. The more information about you, the more likely it is to find suitable people with similarities. The profile can contain detailed information about your personality aspects, and you can write what you think is necessary. The only thing to remember is the allowed character limit.

The profile should not contain inappropriate information, fake photos or data, advertising and spam, rudeness, and obscenity to be admitted to the community. You can also edit your profiles and post up-to-date information about you and your preferences. You can supplement the already existing information, or you can create it anew. You can upload your photos, both standard and intimate, by setting other users’ parameters to access them.

What do Swinglifestyle profiles look like, and what information do they contain?

How is registration carried out, and what is needed for this?

SwingLifestyle registration process is quite simple. First of all, you need to come up with a profile name, which can contain from 6 to 25 characters, and a password. You also enter the name of your existing mail so that a confirmation link will come to it. Then you need to indicate the type of your account (couple, woman, or man) and confirm that you have 18. Swinglifestyle provides the opportunity to use the application and sites only to adults. Next, you need to fill in the information in your profile. To access other profiles, you must fill in all the required items to 80 percent. In your profile information, you can indicate your appearance (height and weight) and age. In a separate block, you can provide detailed information at your discretion. You can write about your fantasies and preferences, indicate which people you are interested in (smokers, drinkers, or vice versa).

Can I unmatch an Swinglifestyle member or not?

The Swinglifestyle review emphasizes that you can safely unmatch a member for one of the supposed reasons as an SLS user. You can report a user if you find too personal information that does not comply with the site and application policies. You can also report gender mismatch, fake profile, stolen photos, inappropriate behavior, advertisements, rude and inappropriate behavior, or inappropriate images. Choosing one of the reasons you can describe in detail your decision and supplement it with arguments. By informing SLS about one of the above points, you exclude other members’ possibility of being deceived by fake accounts.

What is the difference between entering Swinglifestyle as a guest and entering as a member?

By becoming a Swinglifestyle member, you are discovering the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of sexually open people and connect with them. The boundaries of what is permissible are expanding, and you can explore new things without remorse. Membership will allow you to find the people you need with related interests without straining. This is a convenient system that will show you where swingers are nearby, possibly your neighbors or acquaintances. You will be able to interact in swinger forums, share experiences, and find new adventures.

Features of the mobile application and how it works

Swinglifestyle has a mobile app to make finding swingers quick and easy. The application works on the principle of filtering profiles. By registering on the site or in the application, you directly indicate your personal information, some of which will be displayed to other users to find matches. In the menu in the application, you can see who you have matched with and start chatting. There is a filter icon in the right corner by clicking to set the search parameters for suitable people (woman, man, couple, smoker/non-smoker, have a paid membership, etc.). In the middle is a screen with profiles that you can view.

The menu also has a section with a chat where you can correspond or call people. By clicking on the profile you like at the bottom of the screen, you will see icons for chat, video call, add to favorites, and blocking. The Swinglifestyle app contains all the features you need to find swingers and chat. The app focuses on dating, while the site has a lot of introductory information for newbies. You will not move from one swinger theme to another through the application, picking exciting sex toys or suitable lubes. But, on the other hand, this will not distract from the most crucial thing – interaction with swingers.

Can the Application Be Downloaded From the Website?

The Swinglifestyle website header contains links to the Google Play and Apple Store platforms for downloading the app. You cannot download the application directly from the site. By using the official gaming platforms for your device’s operating system, you mitigate the risks of putting your equipment in danger. Downloading applications through Google Play or Apple Store is the guarantor of their reliability and safety. You enter into a formal agreement and use the services without risks and concerns about the provided product’s security. On these platforms, all applications are tested for synchronization with iOS or Android devices, so you do not have to configure anything yourself and spend extra time on it.

Is there a Mobile Version of the Swinglifestyle Website?

The Swinglifestyle website has a mobile version, so even without downloading the app, you can comfortably use Swinglifestyle from your smartphone. The mobile version of the site differs from the PC version only in the blocks’ arrangement, typical for use through a mobile phone. All special features remain unchanged and as accessible.

Can the App Be Downloaded Via Google Playstore or Apple Store?

Swinglifestyle is available on Google Play and Apple Store platforms. You can quickly and easily download it to your smartphone without worrying about the device’s security and personal information. Download safely and securely from official platforms. You can also track download statistics, app ratings, and reviews to be sure that the product is verified.

Is it Convenient to Use the App According to Swinglifestyle Reviews?

The application is convenient for users, as it contains all the necessary lists for finding partners – swingers. Swinglifestyle review ensures that when working with the site or application, you will not have any difficulties. As the interface is clear and easy to use, the navigation on the site is well structured. The functions are described in detail in the app. The application loads quickly, the authorization process does not take much time, and the selection of swingers within walking distance occurs instantly.

What are the paid features, and what is their price list?

With a Swinglifestyle paid membership, you get a wide range of options available. So, with free membership of the possible features, you have profile browsing and searching, member blocking, access to interaction in forums, and hot dating. These functions have their limits, and a paid subscription makes them unlimited. Swinglifestyle reviews note that with a paid subscription, the entire list of special features becomes available. You will be able to enjoy unlimited free membership features, as well as participate in video group chats, have club and group ownership, have access to additional and private photos, confirm new members, public photos, and will have access to upgrades first. The cost of upgrading your membership and unlocking new features varies depending on the length of the subscription you buy. You can purchase a fixed-term subscription or a lifetime one. One month of access to special features is $14.95, three months are $29.95, six months are $49.95, and 12 months are $69.95. A Lifetime subscription will cost $149.95. You can pay through your credit card, online, or through a backup credit card.

Swinglifestyle: where and how to contact?

  • Company: DashBoard Hosting, LLC
  • Address: 6100 Glades Rd STE 205 Boca Raton, FL 33434-4300
  • Phone: (754) 242-7440
  • E-Mail: [email protected]
Features of the mobile application and how it works

Summing up the Swinglifestyle review

Swinglifestyle website and app are suitable for open and non-complex individuals who want to find like-minded people safely and effectively. The application and the website are very convenient to use both through a PC and a smartphone. You can be away from home while looking for a swinger nearby. You can customize the filters you need and choose the right people in a few clicks. SLS is suitable for those who want to dictate their own rules and follow their inner feelings, and not follow the lead of judgmental society. Swinglifestyle review assures that you don’t have to feel shame or other negative emotions associated with rejection in SLS. All prejudice disappears in the swinger community. If you have long dreamed of realizing your sexual fantasies but did not know how to do it, you should try Swinglifestyle.

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