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Kinkyads Review From Experts: The Truth About Online Sex

Kinkyads Review From Experts: The Truth About Online Sex
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Active Audience 85%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 22-36
Profiles 1 460 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.2
Popularity 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website makes it clear regarding the intentions of the profile present within the area.
  • It uses questions to understand the requirements of the users and suggest compatible profiles to them.
  • The Kinkyads website is quite simple to use and has a sensual lookout.
  • The profiles can be detailed, and the Expectations can be set easily.
  • The community feature is available for users to express themselves.
  • The website does not have any mobile application and only has the website's mobile version, which might not be comfortable for many users.
  • Other websites' advanced features might not be exactly available here, and some options may be sexually explicit, which might not be comfortable for certain people.

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Kinkyads is an adult dating website meant for people looking for casual sex and hookup dates. The user can go through a free registration process and find plenty of people with the same mindset looking for a relationship with No Strings and no commitment and only fun. This site is catering to people who are only looking for a casual relationship that might possibly not end up at a wedding. If the user is seeking some long-term partnership or relationships that might end in marriage, this site might not be the right choice. On the other hand, if the user is interested in looking out for some heart locals and NSA relationships, this website could be the best.

It was in July 2018 that Kinkyads came into place for people who would like to meet and hook up. It has grown massively as a dating website, and currently, it houses 200 thousand members. And the growth rate shows the quality of service provided here. The makers of this website intended to create a work atmosphere where the employees will feel comfortable dressing up and acting to make the workspace fun. The team plans to be productive and kinky all at the same time, and the workplace is said to be the real-life version of the website.

This article gives a neat review of the Kinkyads website in detail for the user to weigh the pros and cons, pricing, security concerns, contact information, quality of profile and members on this website etc.

Kinkyads Review: Costs, Pros, Cons and Special Features

Easy to Navigate Design of the Site

The Kinkyads website is easy to use and navigate, and the team ensures that the users have complete satisfaction while using their portal. The website’s intention is concentrated while the website is designed, making it easy to use, and the features are easy to navigate. With a dark theme on the background, the website ensures that the users can navigate easily through the platform and clearly understand the features.

Special Features

The user can first log in to their account and use the profile to find out some attractive partners. The website also offers a list of questions to recommend the most likely profile that they can connect with, and the questions are quite easy. Answering all of them will help with better suggestions, and the questions are focused on the preferences and expectations of the users. If the user shares more information, then he might easily find matches that are compatible with him.

Most people do not find filling the dating profile to be an exciting task. However, doing so can promise better results. The profiles with more than two pictures can get the attention quite quickly to notify a fun fact.

While many websites only promise to connect like-minded people, Kinkyads has explicit space for all the kinky ideas as preferences. The kinky tags are expected to connect like-minded people more efficiently.

The ads have to be posted to get matched on this website, and the ad will have phrases detailing the preferences that the user is looking for their sexual partner. The ad has to be only two sentences or less and should intend to get a prospective partner.

The section beneath the ad is a space for the user to write all the other details he would like to include. This could even be an essay explaining the specifics of the requirement that are in consideration. It is also possible for users to post ads anonymously. When the user posts ads anonymously, it might not be tied to the account, and this is beneficial for people who would not like to reveal their sexual preferences in public.

Suppose the user becomes a regular in the community. In that case, he will earn Merit and trust points from other members, which make the profile more credible, eventually becoming an authoritative figure. When the user earns more merit points, he will make more connections and become a popular figure on the portal.

The inbox is the most useful feature of this Kinkyads website, and there is no involvement of the messages being sent to the email ID; instead, the user can check out their inbox for new messages. They can keep the list of members as their friends and follow them to make sure they do not lose contact. There are 14 different sections to discuss their category.

When other users post ads, they can instantly check it out and respond to the ads and connect with them instantly. There is also a unique option for browsing the ads to find out new profiles to communicate with. Another prominent feature of this website is that there is a list of adult bookstores located within the area, and the users can check it out if it is in their list of kinks.

The profiles are quite diverse on this website. If the user can relate to a profile, they can check out the list of kinks that the other user has posted and initiate a conversation with them. The profile’s ability to hide its personality while posting ads is another feature that makes the Kinkyads website safe and exciting. When the ad is posted anonymously, the users who checked the ad out will not connect to the profile directly, and this user who posted the ad can connect to them on ad response.

Connecting to a profile directly by initiating a conversation is not the only feature available on this website. Some users Express themselves with their pictures and videos to attract other profiles. According to the Kinkyads Reviews, the website seems to have more detailed profiles with many pictures and videos, making the profile more attractive. Since expressing themselves is mostly encouraged on this website, people add many facts and be confident. This encourages other members of the community to do the same. It is to be noted that no one can report a profile for full nudity or similar pictures and videos. Even if a complaint is raised, the moderators will not block or ban the profile unless the profile’s suspicious activity is a potential scammer or a hacker.

Like the adult Book Store list, there is also a blog category for the users to quickly check out some interesting and helpful articles, which might easily connect with their partners. Though the website is specifically meant to connect like-minded people, especially concerning their sexual preferences, the other features like these make the user’s experience better.

Special Features

The Security Features of Kinkyads

The makers of this application are focused on maintaining their reputation, which is why they make sure that they take all the necessary steps to protect their members from hackers or scammers. The team requires everyone who wants to have an interactive experience with the website to have their profiles verified.

If the user has to go through this procedure, it will take only a few minutes to confirm the verification code sent to the user. These codes are unique, and a scammer can’t use multiple profiles. Since the website requests a contact number and email id and verifies both the credentials with the security codes, it is not easy for a scammer to continue exploiting the website once their account is deleted or banned.

The team enhanced the security features of this dating platform by adding age restriction as a priority on their website. Some countries find 18 to be a legal age while other countries have 21, and to make sure the teenagers are protected from such erotic materials, and the age restriction is applied. The user will have to select their country by letting the website understand the specific restrictions applicable to the particular country.

If the user finds another profile peculiar and if the other user demands sensitive credentials or disturbing after he has conveyed his lack of interest, then it is advisable to block that particular profile. It is also advisable to notify the moderators regarding this user to disable the profile when the team considers the behavior suspicious.

The website’s security features are quite appreciable, and the team promises to make an effort to keep the portal free from scammers and hackers. It also becomes the user’s responsibility to focus on their safety and security. This is a website that intends to connect people based on their kinks and sexual preferences. Most people here are looking for hookups and not long term relationships. It is quite obvious that there would be no talk of sharing sensitive details apart from sharing pictures and videos of themselves. So, the user should have an understanding of the same and should not be sharing any sort of sensitive details like payment credentials, PINs, email ids, authentication codes, or so on.

The Quality of Profiles

The profiles in here will be focused on having simple hookups and casual sex and not exactly long-term relationships. It is advised that the users make it clear in their profiles regarding their intentions to attract people with the same intentions. If the user is seeking long term relationships and wedding ideas, this might not be the right place. The profiles here focus on hot HookUp and relationships without any commitments and for some kinky experiences.

The profiles might have as many pictures and videos, and it is to be noted that full nudity is permitted on this website.

The Quality of Profiles

Registration Process a New User Must Know About

The signing up process for this website is quite easy, and not to mention it takes only a few minutes to do that. Considering this website is primarily for casual sex and hookup, only minimal information will be required. The user will be clicking on the registration page and entering some basic details like username and email ID. Also, gender identity and preferences must be selected, and that is mandatory.

After the gender preference comes to the username and email id part, the users also have to enter a unique password that the user will be using whenever he wants to log in to the site. The users must choose unique usernames as well, and picking the best one will ensure more matches are connected to the website. It is advisable to use descriptive words and make the intentions clear to the people who served through the profile. The user has to write down their birthday, which will be the final step of the registration process. Once the registration process is complete and the profile has been verified, the user can log in to the website whenever he requires and surf through diverse profiles for a match.

The users will have to click on Join Kinkyads to start the sign-up process. After all the necessary work has been done, some categories like relationship status, sexual preferences have to be filled along with the location and contact number for verification purposes. The One Time Password will be sent to the user’s contact number to gain complete access to the website. This is proof again that the website goes through a verification process, ensuring the minimal presence of scammers.

One major drawback of this registration process is that the user will not be able to use social media to connect it on this platform.

Availability of Unmatching a Member on Kinkyads

The matching process does not apply to this website as the user will be sending friend requests to the people they are interested in. Like Instagram, the “follow” option is also applicable. Unmatching a profile is not exactly an option on this website. It works like Facebook, requiring the user to send a friend request to the other user to connect or respond to their ad to initiate a conversation. If the user does not find the profile interesting anymore, then unfollowing and blocking could be an advisable option.

Difference Between Entering as a Guest and Entering as a Member on the Site

Being a guest member is acceptable in this dating platform; however, if the user is planning to communicate with the other profiles and become more expressive in the community, it is advisable to become a member. Only members will have the leverage to talk to other profiles, follow them, upload pictures, etc.

The users try out guest features only when they are concerned about their anonymity, and this website solves that problem. The user can create a profile and still post ads maintaining their anonymity. While uploading pictures could help find out their prospective partners, anonymity is also encouraged on this website.

Availability of Unmatching a Member on Kinkyads

Know About the Availability of Mobile Applications

The website does not have any specific mobile application for users to enjoy on mobile phones. However, the user can look out for the website’s mobile version, which is equally comfortable, like the application.

Know if the Users Can Download the Application From the Site

The users will not be able to download the website’s application, considering it doesn’t have any mobile application. Still, they will be able to browse through the profiles and access their profile whenever they want within the website’s mobile version. It only requires Chrome or any other browser on mobile phones, and any feature that applies to the website will be shown for the mobile version.

Mobile Version of the Site

A mobile version of the website and navigating through the mobile version seem like an easy task rather than downloading the application taking up space. The mobile version of the website is hassle-free compared to the mobile application that could potentially bring more bugs. The users will not find the same options that they already found on the website, making the whole process difficult.

The Availability of the App on the Google Playstore and Apple Store?

The application is not available anywhere for download, considering the website does not provide any mobile application. If the user wants to access the website on their mobile phones, they should check out the mobile version of the website or experience the fullest of features by signing into the website on desktop. It is quite easy to work with the website’s mobile version as the user can find out the options and find it easy to navigate through the website.

Convenience of Using the App

There is no particular application for users to download. However, as far as the Kinkyads reviews are concerned, it seems like the website’s mobile version is convenient enough to surf through. If the user has checked out the website, it is easy for him to surf through the mobile version rather than on an application.

Convenience of Using the App


Only a few dating websites that provide all their services for free, and Kinkyads happens to be one of them. The service is completely free for all registered users. As a free member, the user can not only check out thousands of photos and videos but also post ads, communicate with other members, upload their pictures and videos and post events whenever need be. Being active in the community is again a free task; however, the user will receive points to make their profile more credible.

Again, these points do not have anything to do with paying money. This is another reason why the users do not have to provide any credit card details or similar payment credentials on the website. If any user demands money on the website, the genuine user should block that particular profile and raise a complaint to the moderators. The makers care much about user safety and privacy; they tend to take action immediately.

Contact Information

The platform is quite easy to use, and if the user wants to contact the customer support to discuss the features or raise a complaint, they can be reached out on their email [email protected]. The user is expected to give the team a few working days to analyze and respond to the valid query. Since they do not have an instant chat feature to contact customer support, the user should look out for frequently asked questions and surf through the website for the feature they are looking for, and write in email only when they cannot find what they are looking for. Taking some effort to find out what the user is looking for, especially if it is an obvious question by many users, saves time for the users and the team members.

Contact Information


The user is looking for a one-night stand for a rebound relationship, then this Kinkyads website is preferable. It also provides free access for the users to check out a lot of erotic pictures and videos, while it is also possible for them to upload their pictures and videos. There is no involvement in payment transactions on this website, and the registration process is quite easy. As for the security features, the team ensures to take one-step further to protect the user presence and eliminate scammer and hacker profiles.

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