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FetLife Review From Experts: The Truth About Online Sex

FetLife Review From Experts: The Truth About Online Sex
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Active Audience 55%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 282 450
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.5
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • FetLife offers a mobile application to its users so you can avoid the App Store and Google Play prohibitions.
  • The design is very stylish, and the platform is pleasant and comfortable to use.
  • The costs required to use all features are affordable, and most of the necessary services are free.
  • The website provides a detailed help section with answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  • News and police reports evidence of difficult cases on FetLife that can possibly lead to physical, psychological damage, or death.
  • Some users report poor customer service and a terrible attitude of the support team to their members.
  • You cannot see the content until you get registered.

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The world and individuals develop rapidly. In the previous century, anyone with non-standard sexual desires was considered a pervert. Wanting a person of your gender or dreaming about oral sex was considered sins. Such an individual would be considered an outsider in the society of those times. Therefore, people preferred to keep such dreams and fantasies in secret.

Due to the sex revolution, all individuals acquired a better understanding of their sexual aspect needs. They are aware of their needs and wishes and know how to fulfill them. Some even decide to help other people with this. The owner of FetLife is one of such people. He founded his company, BitLove Inc., that later developed a website where anyone with unusual sexual fantasies would feel comfortable and accepted. FetLife was created in 2008, and its high tolerance towards sexual minorities was exceptional during those years.

Today, you can choose among 12 gender identities when you register on this platform. As such, you can choose to be a male, female, non-binary, genderqueer, gender fluid, transgender, trans – male to female, trans – female to male, or crossdresser/transvestite. Moreover, if you believe you are intersex, femme, butch, or non-applicable, you can choose these variants as well.

It is one of the very few platforms that offer you to choose between 14 gender orientations instead of the usual “straight-gay-lesbian” pack. Next, when it comes to roles, FetLife provides a significant number of them among which you can choose. It is most likely that you will find the appropriate gender, orientation, and role when you decide to join the community.

This review will analyze all important services of the portal in detail. Great attention will be paid to the registration process description, profile quality analysis, features’ effectiveness, and other factors. If you are unsure whether FetLife is worth your time and money, you can read this article. It will hopefully help you to come to a certain decision. So keep reading to learn about this website as much as you can!

FetLife Review


Deep black, passionate red, and bright white are the main colors you will see here. They are perfectly combined in a stylish way and make you dive into the BDSM and fetish atmosphere. Pictures and backgrounds complement the colors. The website itself is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. All links are accessible with a single click, and each button works correctly. Fonts and sizes are just fine.

Moreover, the developers offer you a very detailed help section to which you can refer at any moment. It contains a lot of useful information about profiles, media, groups, events, terms of use, technical support, personal safety, and many other questions. It serves as a full guide to navigation on the platform. For example, you can learn how to add or delete a friend, find archived messages, block someone, etc. The website is translated into 15 most popular languages, including German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, and others. However, the FAQ section is written in English only.

Special Features

Account promotion. If you subscribe to a premium, you will go top as you receive a sexy badge on your profile. However, it is a paid feature, and if you do not want to spend money, you will have to be active to receive more matches.

Groups. There are hundreds of fetishes and kinks. And it is okay when one person loves one kink, and the other prefers another fetish. It is a normal situation. Therefore, FetLife hosts numerous thematic groups where individuals with common interests can discuss and try what they like.

Events. On this platform, one can arrange a fetish event and invite other users to join. This way, members will have an outstanding possibility to experience new emotions and explore new sexual opportunities.

Public blogs. This feature reminds Facebook friend feed. With the help of public blogs, you can be aware of everything that happens to your friends on FetLife. You can stay tuned and discuss the latest news from their life, and so can they if you decide to create your blog. Public blogs can become an exciting experience, especially for new users, because they can find a lot of new information.

Support gifts. FetLife encourages friendship of open-minded individuals. You can support your friend financially if you want to give them a premium membership. Detailed instruction on how to do it is provided in the help section.

Name changing. Different situations happen on such websites as this one, and the desire to change a username becomes natural in some instances. For example, if you are being harassed or bullied, you may want to hide from your offenders by taking a new nickname. You need to know that you can change your username only once every 28 days. To do this, you need to be logged into the system. Choose “Update Settings” in the bar, and find a link that is called “Change” that will be placed next to your nickname under the Account box. Type in a new name and hit “Save.” If you make a typo or changed your username accidentally and do not want to wait for 28 days, you will need to contact the support team and explain the situation to fix it.

Special Features

Can You Trust Your Safety to FetLife?

According to the FetLife review, the website has a good and reliable Privacy Policy. The developers of the website promise to acknowledge your fetishes, value your privacy and keep it safe. They undertake not to disclose your personal data to third parties unless legal authorities demand them to do so. You can read all rules and conditions on the website at any moment. And if you have any questions, you can contact the support team for clarification.

All private conversations are SSL-encrypted. You can be confident that other people will not read your chats unless you want to share them. Thus, one can assume FetLife is safely protected.

You should know that the website can track your position. It is possible because you provide your email when registering. Due to this, one can detect your IP address and find out where you live. It is necessary to prevent crimes and find criminals if necessary. But if you do not break any laws, you should not be worried.

If you have questions about your privacy, the addresses you can write to depend on how fast you want to receive a reply and how severe your issue is. As such, if you have a minor question, you can always mail to the support team at [email protected]. They provide general support and answer minor inquiries. If you want to submit a legal request, you need to write at [email protected]. But before writing, you will need to check their guidelines on legal requests. Requests that are not submitted correctly will not be reviewed. In case you want to report something, they have a respective email address, namely, [email protected].


According to multiple negative reviews, there are numerous bots and fake profiles on Fetlife. Such a situation can be explained by the fact that the registration process is easy to pass, and virtually anyone can become a member. Many indecent people love websites with quick registration as they can hide their identity and scam people without consequences. And if they get banned, they will not be much disappointed because they did not spend a lot of time registering and creating their profiles. Therefore, scammers often use FetLife.

The website allows the creation of several profiles for one user. They are called secondary or alternate profiles. You can use an alternate page if you want to hide some of your sexual interests from your friends on the platform. A secondary profile will allow you to explore your other side, and your friends will not find out. The alternate pages are allowed only in these cases. And if you decide to have an additional profile just to bypass banning, blocks, restrictions subjected to your primary profile, your account will be deleted.

The platform hosts more than 8 million users from all over the globe. Taking into account that fetishes are a very narrow field, the number is quite impressive. More than 4 million are from the USA. According to statistics, there are approximately 100 000 new users every month. Their age mostly varies from 25 to 35. However, older and younger audiences are also present on the website. When it comes to gender proportion, in general, the male to female ratio is 75 percent to 25 percent.

All these members are looking for someone who will be of the same sexual beliefs as they are. They search for like-minded people and a safe community where they can share their interests, fetishes, and deep dark desires. Most of them seek someone with whom they can try something new.

As for your profile, here is what you need to know. After a successful confirmation, you will need to provide such information as your height, weight, hair color, length, etc. Unlike other dating sites, FetLife will also ask you to provide facts about your kinks, fetishes, and BDSM preferences.

If you want to edit your profile, choose “Update Settings” in the hamburger bar and find what you want to change. Press the “Change” button near the tab that requires editing and make necessary changes. After this, confirm the changes. The new information will be applied immediately.

Logging out is a simple process. All you need to do is click on the respective button in the top right. It is located right where the “Log in” button is placed when you sign in. To delete your account, choose “Update Settings” in the hamburger bar, and find a link that is called “Deactivate/Delete Account.” Choose “Delete” and enter your password for confirmation of your decision. It will be deleted in seven days. Your data will be automatically erased within seven days after you submit a request for the deletion of your account. If you want it to happen earlier, you will need to create a personalized request and send it to the customer support. However, this approach may take more time than seven days, and in some cases, it may become unreasonable.



You must be at least 18 to be eligible for registration. To get started, you will need to create a catchy and unique username and choose your gender, sexual preferences, role, and birth date. Next, you will have to find your country in the list of possible locations, create a reliable password, and provide your email address. Your registration will be over at this stage, and you can proceed with setting up your profile on FetLife.

You will receive access to FetLife services once you confirm your registration with the help of a letter you will get to your email address. It usually takes from 10 seconds to a few minutes. If you do not receive any letters, you will need to contact the support team.

The first thing after the registration you will need to do is to upload a picture. You will be suggested to drag a file or make a new photo. You do not need to necessarily provide a picture of your face. You can be more creative and take a photo of other body parts. And if you are unsure whether you want to do it or not, you can skip this step and save it for later. It is important to note that email verification is required. Until you follow the link sent in the confirmation letter, you will not access the website.


Can You Cancel a Match with a FetLife User?

The website does not offer such a function. Therefore, you need to choose wisely with whom to match.

Is There Any Difference between Guest Visit and a Registered Membership?

You cannot enter the website as a guest. The website does not offer a stealth mode with the help of which you could browse the portal anonymously. It is considered not fair. However, you can deactivate your profile when you need to keep your data private and do not plan to use the platform.

There is a “Deactivate/Delete Account” button in the settings. Hit “Deactivate” if you want to take a break from the portal. No one will be able to access your profile. Nevertheless, private messages and comments will preserve. You will also remain in fiend lists and group members’ databases. If you decide to reactivate your account, simply log into your profile. A pop-up window asking for reactivation confirmation will appear. Once you approve, you will be back on the platform.

Mobile Applications

The app has the same functions and services as the website. Below you will find a more detailed analysis of the mobile application.

Mobile Applications

Can You Install the App from the Site?

What is interesting is that the developers found an excellent way to avoid the App Store and Google Play censorship on adult apps. FetLife provides a particular mobile application that can be downloaded from the website and manually installed on your mobile device. This way, you will receive access to your favorite community from anywhere at any time without the need to use your PC or laptop. If you have a problem installing the application, it is advised to refer to a respective section on the FAQ page. There is a detailed description of how to add Fetlife to your device.

Do They Offer a Browser Mobile Version?

Yes, the mobile version is well-adapted to almost any modern mobile device. You can use the website on your phone, even if you do not have the app.

Can You Download It from Google Play and App Store?

No, you cannot. It is because of strict Google Play and App Store rules that forbid explicit content.

Is the App Easy to Use?

It is convenient. The app works smoothly, and no complaints about bugs or glitches have been reported. It is easy to comprehend and navigate.


The excellent point is that you can send messages to other users for free. Browsing their photos also does not require money. Another thing you will be able to do as a free member is joining different thematic groups. But if you want to diversify your experience on this platform, you can “support” it with money. In return, they grant you with premium membership for a certain period.

After a donation, you will get the opportunity to scroll back everything you have ever liked on the website or in the app. Moreover, you will receive a special sexy badge that demonstrates that you are a supporter. Finally, you will receive unlimited access to private videos of other users. It is a hot and useful feature that may appear very spicy.

Half a year of the donation will cost you only 30 USD. If you decide to subscribe for a year, you will need to pay 60 USD. If you want to pay a two-year membership, this will be 120 USD. The lifetime support costs 240 USD. The payment usually takes from three days up to two weeks.


Contact Information


The Fetlife reviews from real users are controversial. Some people claim that the website has changed significantly, and from a friendly community, it turned into a mess with hundreds of scammers and fake profiles. Others state that they are satisfied with the services and happy that they find like-minded individuals here. A small part of the members complains about the low popularity of the website in their areas. Such a situation usually happens when a person lives in a low-crowded city. On the contrary, many users do not mind it and admire private videos they can share and view on the website. Thus, one cannot clearly decide whether it is a good platform or not until they try it.

FetLife would be suitable for individuals who want to find a way to fulfill their sexual kinks. If you want to serve, dominate, hunt, or play many other roles, this website may become a good place for you. However, you need to remember about scammers and take proper measures to protect yourself. Moreover, some users report a rude attitude from other members, and you should be ready for it and remain psychologically safe. The portal is a popular community that offers a lot of opportunities and services.

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