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Friend FinderX Review From Experts: The Truth About Online Sex

Friend FinderX Review From Experts: The Truth About Online Sex
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Active Audience 50%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 26-40
Profiles 2 645 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • One can register themselves on this site in just 2 minutes. The registration process is straightforward.
  • Profiles are incredibly comprehensive. It consists of both conventional forms of dating questions and grown-up themed questions.
  • Members have various ways to search and associate with the website and its members. Those ways include chat, video call, and commenting.
  • There are various ways to sort, filter, and choose individuals according to one's choice. In short, the search option is very vast.
  • Friend FinderX website also has a live feed that allows users to see trending members and what's hot about them.
  • This website has an option of including recent interesting profile data. This option enhances the overall look of the profile and makes it convenient to find the correct choice.
  • Friend FinderX's search bar allows users to sort profiles. They can search for the most preferred individuals or most liked pictures. They can also see the most preferred recordings.
  • Various site features can't be accessed without paying money for them. These features include adult videos and model chats.
  • One has to pay a hefty amount for the Friend FinderX website membership.
  • Users who have a free profile can search and look at the profiles. But to use the website effectively, one needs to purchase a membership.
  • The FriendFinderX app is not available to date.
  • This site doesn't allow automatic matching, and so users have to search for the profiles and find matches manually.
  • Chats are limited to only the members that have paid for this website.
  • The users may find scammers because they are everywhere, and even with a crucial registration process, some people find their way to start a scam. Regardless of the privacy policies and the team's protection, the user must maintain personal privacy control by not sharing sensitive details on chat to the user without knowing the person.

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FriendFinderX is a popular dating website that is for straight people and LGBT individuals. It is also for straight and LGBT couples. It is a platform for people who wish to connect with other people like them to satisfy their fantasies.

According to the Friend FinderX review, there are 60 percent males and 40 percent females. There are couples registered on this site. The site has a good number of users who have purchased the gold membership. It has over 10,000 users active daily, and most of the members are from the United States of America.

In addition to this, there are good numbers of users on this site from the United Kingdom, Middle Eastern, and Asian countries. The members on this site are pretty straightforward about their fetishes and kinks. Most of them look for casual encounters on this site. The Live Model members are professional, and they host adult video chats. They post X-rated photos and videos on their profile. The registration on the site is a quick and easy process. It offers a bunch of unique features. It is suitable for people who want to fulfill their fantasies and desires.

The below-given is a detailed review of the website, including its weakest points, presenting it honestly for the user to decide if they should invest the time and effort here.

Friend FinderX Review: Costs, Pros, Cons and Special Features

The Design of the Site

The website design of FriendFinderX is adequate when it comes to showcasing its features and keeping all the things in place and in a simple way for their new users. It is also effortless to find what one is looking for because all the features are positioned and classified under five tabs and four menu icons.

The four icons are placed on the main menu of the website, and they represent the homepage, a message inbox which is named as ‘envelope,’ an icon named ‘chat bubble’ where users get instant texts, and a ‘bell’ icon where users can see all their notifications.

The five text tabs are:

  • My Stuff – This tab brings together all the shortcuts to everything connected to the user’s profile and their interactivity with other members.
  • Search – In this tab, users can find members who are nearby and also those who are online then. Users can also view their new matches. There is one more feature, and that is an advanced search option. Using this, users can access the ‘Hot or Not’ characteristic of Friend FinderX.
  • Live-Action – Through this tab, users can go to adult chat rooms. The live model’s broadcasts can also be found here.
  • Community – This tab is a go-to for people who want to get in touch with the Friend FinderX community, where they can participate in groups and blogs.
  • What’s Hot – In case any member wants to check out the hottest pictures which are recently uploaded, they can explore this tab.

The FriendFinderX website has a gallery option that includes trending members. It also includes users who have a verified badge beside their names. This implies that their account is legit and has undergone the process of verification by the site administrators.

When a member clicks on the ‘Search Now’ option, they are directed towards a usual five-step signup course where they have to enter their age, address location, and email in the first step. The subsequent steps are entering username according to their choice and password. Next, they are required to enter a minimum of a 10-character introduction line. Rest, they have to enter the race, gender, marital status, physique, but these are not necessary. Users can enter that as well, only if they wish to.

The ‘Help/Contact’ button is available at the upper right-hand corner of the website. A drop-down menu that contains account settings, a video broadcast button, and yet another shortcut for instant messaging is also available there. All-inclusive, keeping in mind the various unique features of Friend FinderX, the website design is satisfactory. The users say they find it easy to navigate the site and find options to try out.

The Design of the Site

Special Features of This Amazing Dating Platform

Friend FinderX has various special features for its users as well. Some of them are:

  • Hot or Not: This is a matching where a picture will be displayed on the screen, and users will have to choose between the ‘thumbs up’ button and the ‘X’ button.

The ‘Thumbs-up’ option sends a ‘like’ to the member whose picture is displayed on the screen, whereas the ‘X’ button takes the users to the next profile.

  • Live-Action: This is a place where users can find live videos of professional models. They can also find videocasts of verified members.
  • Blogs and Groups: This feature allows users to get in touch with the community. In Blogs, users can either post their blogs or post a comment on other members’ blogs. In Groups, users can take part in group discussions on certain topics.
  • Magazine:This is a place where users can find dating advice and also articles related to relationships. Any member who’s a part of this website can submit their articles.
  • Bling: Using this option, users can upload and sell on the Friend FinderX website.
  • Contests: Friend FinderX holds contests now and then, in which the whole of the Friend FinderX community can take part. The winners of these contests are decided on the basis of votes given by other members. Any member who wishes to take part can submit their entries. The prizes include Gold membership for free.
  • Adult Movies: Using this option, users can watch unlimited adult movies. This is a tied-up feature.
  • Erotic stories: Users can post their own erotic stories that they have experienced. Anyone can comment on these stories.

From the Friend FinderX reviews, the users on this site love to use the different features. They use the live-action feature to find live video streams of professional Live Models. In addition to this, they find the broadcasts of verified members. They get erotic and X-rated content using this feature. The site offers users to interact with the community. For this, the site offers blogs and groups where users post their articles. They comment on the blog posts of other members and participate in forum discussions. The users who want more than just dating services for them, the site is perfect as it allows them to interact with the community and express themselves. Some dating service sites offer limited features, but with this dating site, the users can explore many sides of the dating site. They get to use the magazine where they can find dating advice. They can find articles on sex and relationships on this site. Moreover, the site allows all the members to submit the articles.

Security Features That Are Available on Friend FinderX

Friend FinderX sticks strictly to the website’s Privacy Policies as required by the law. The website has also published its ‘Terms of Usage’ that the administrators constantly monitor.

Security Features That Are Available on Friend FinderX

Know About the Quality of Profiles

This website’s members’ profiles are extremely informative, provided the member has answered even the optional fields, and wrote an illustrative autobiography. A member’s standard profile features a paragraph that has an introduction of the member, personal information of the member about their lifestyle, a list of friends and fans, and an activity stream that keeps an account of everything posted by the member.

In case someone sees another member’s profile, they will see a ‘Compatibility Chart’ that shows if they and that member match in terms of what both of them are finding in a match. One can also gift ‘Blings’ to the users that they want to.

The Friend FinderX website is filled with erotic photos, videos, and webcams of the members. In addition to this, there is a sex-ed academy, model video chats, adult videos, and many more. It is suitable for individuals, couples, and groups of any sexual orientation to have quick cybersex encounters and connect with other local members to have in-personal casual hookups. It offers a Connexion feature that allows users to experience cybersex more physically. For this, the wireless male and female masturbating sex toys allow the users to control the sex toy to simulate the other member on camera. The site is suitable for people who are not looking for a serious relationship but a casual look. The users on this site explore their sexuality by trying new things. They connect with other members who help them to fulfill their sexual fantasies and desires. The site allows them to use the site’s features and services to get the most out of their dating experience.

Registration Process for New Users

One can register themselves on this website by clicking on the ‘Join Now’ button, which can be seen on the website’s homepage. Registration on this is a quick and easy process. One needs to fill in all the information in the form given, including their gender. After this, an activation link is sent to the email provided. After clicking on that link, one can easily activate their account.

The Possibility to Unmatch a Member on Friend FinderX

One can easily unmatch another member if they want to. There is generally no restriction in doing that.

Know the Difference Between Entering as a Guest and Entering as a Member on Friend FinderX

Entering as a guest on the Friend FinderX website will only allow people to flick through the site’s record of members. If someone wants to benefit from this site, they must sign up and register themselves.

The Possibility to Unmatch a Member on Friend FinderX

Mobile Applications

Friend FinderX reviews are negative when it comes to this. It does not have a mobile app. However, it does have a mobile site. It’s designed so the users can use the website using their mobile browser. The mobile site has the same features as the desktop version of this site. The only difference is that the mobile site has a collapsible menu.

Can Application Be Downloaded From the Site?

Yes, the application can be downloaded from the site. It can be used as a mobile site.

Mobile Version of the Site

A mobile version of this site is available in the form of a mobile site. A mobile app is still not available for the members.

Availability of App on the Google Play Store and Apple Store

On this platform, the app is not available for either Android users or Apple users. Only the mobile site is available for everyone.

Convenient Usage of the Application

Positive Friend FinderX review can be seen when it comes to this. This app is suitable for people who want to fulfill their desires and fantasies.

Convenient Usage of the Application


The Friend FinderX website offers fee-based services. The users have to pay to use these services. The fee-based services include sending flirts and friend requests. The paid users can read as well as send messages. They can comment on the photos and videos. They get the service of watching the full-length videos. In addition to this, they can view the full-size photos. There is an additional fee-based service offered to the paid users. They can view the courses in Sex Academy. They are given priority in customer support services.

The site offers different ways to purchase fee-based services. They are gold membership, standard contracts, tokens, and points. The gold membership is available for one month, three months, and twelve months. The cost of a one-month gold membership is 40.00 USD. The cost of three months of gold membership is 81.00 USD, where per month is 27.00 USD, and the cost of six months of gold membership is 240.00 USD, where per month is 20.00 USD.

The Friend FinderX site offers standard contacts for one month as well as three months. The cost of one month of standard contacts is 20.00 USD and the cost of three months of standard contacts is 36.00 USD, where per month is 12.00 USD. The tokens that the user purchases are used to give tips to the models. In addition to this, the users can use these tokens to interact with the models in their live video shows. The tokens include credits. The cost of 100 credits is 12.00 USD, where per credit costs 0.12 USD.

The cost of 185 credits is 20.00 USD, where per credit costs 0.11 USD. The cost of 500 credits is 50.00 USD, where per credit costs 0.10 USD. The cost of 1000 credits is 99.00 USD, where per credit costs 0.10 USD. The site offers points that allow the users to give tips to the other members. In addition to this, users can use the points to give virtual gifts to the other site members. The points include credits. The cost of 200 credits is 3.00 USD, where per credit costs 0.02 USD. The cost of 500 credits is 6.00 USD, where per credit costs 0.01 USD. The cost of 1,000 credits is 10.00 USD, where per credit costs 0.10 USD.

Compared to the other dating site, the Friend FinderX website is above average in terms of price. It offers different payment options, such as credit card, direct debit, cash, and cheque. The users can see the charges deducted by the site on their credit card statement as ‘ffnhelp.com*friendf.’

The gold membership offered by the site to its members enhances the experience of the users on this dating site. The users will have access to limited features in the free membership, but after purchasing the fee-based services, the users can use all the site features.

It is recommended to upgrade the membership to get the enhanced experience of this dating site.

In addition to this, the site offers a monthly package add-on. This add-on is offered to the people who have ever purchased the gold membership. With the purchase of standard contacts, the members can be allowed to get contacted by free users. The free users can view the full profile of the member.

In addition to all these offers, the Friend FinderX site offers the users to join the fan clubs of Live Models. To join the Live Models’ fan clubs, the users have to pay a minimum of 14.95 USD per month. Joining the fan club of the Live Model will give unlimited access to the photos and video gallery of the model. They can also join the private webcam time at a discounted price.


Contact Information

The Friend FinderX company is a part of the Friend Finder Network. The company offers a variety of dating services while targeting various locations and categories. The website address is friendfinder-x.com. The company address is FriendFinder Inc. Attn: FriendFinder team, 910 E. Hamilton Ave., Sixth Floor, Campbell, CA 95008, USA.

The contact number of the site is (669)208-0363. The US Toll-free number is 888-575-8383, the UK Toll-free number is 0800 098 8311, and the AU Toll-free number is 1800 954 607. The email of the site for billing is [email protected]. For other queries, the users have to visit the Help and Support page to email their queries to the Customer Service department.


The Friend FinderX site has been offering its services for more than 20 years. The site is made available to every individual and couple throughout the globe. According to the registration page of the site, it has gained over 90 million active users. Among the different websites of FriendFinder, it has been among the websites with the largest member bases. What attracts the people to this site is that it is not only made for straight individuals and couples, but it is also made for LGBT individuals and couples.

It is a platform that serves all the people. It allows them to connect with other people who will fulfill their sexual fantasies and desires. In addition to this, the site also delights the other users who don’t want actual interaction but want to participate. The users can participate in hot online chats or hot videos of live models without the actual interactions.

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