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Alt Review From Experts: The Truth About Online Sex

Alt Review From Experts: The Truth About Online Sex
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Active Audience 68%
Quality Matches 48%
Popular Age 26-32
Profiles 6 350
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The platform is best suited for people looking for BDSM, erotic, and fetish sexual practices.
  • It is an open platform for people of all sexual orientations.
  • The website has a quick and easy registration procedure.
  • The profiles on Alt.com are highly informative.
  • It has a lot of advanced search filters and various special features for premium members.
  • Users can make use of all the Alt.com services on the common iPhone AllFriendFinder.
  • The website has a lot of sexually explicit content.
  • It provides limited services for its free users.
  • Most of the Alt.com reviews complain about the presence of fake profiles.
  • The website is not suitable for people looking for serious long-term relationships.
  • The website is not adequately organized and looks crowded for the most part.
  • It does not have mobile applications for Android users.
  • 24/7 customer care is only available for premium members.

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Alt.com is an online dating website for adults interested in alternative sex. The website provides an equal platform for singles and couples, and it involves BDSM, erotic, and fetish sexual practices. It is highly recommended only for people above the age of 18 and is accessible for people across the globe. The Alt.com website was launched much earlier by the FriendFinder Networks in 1995. Like most dating websites, alt.com also has a standard free membership and a paid premium membership to provide customers additional features. It is a website for people interested in alternative forms of sexual relationships, and people bond over non-conventional sexual activity methods.

There are almost 4 million users of the Alt.com website, with 80,000 weekly active members. It is one of the most famous adult dating sites. It is mainly for regions such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, etc., the type of service that Alt.com provides is meant for adults, alternatives, and hookups. The users who belong to the Alt.com website are mainly the lovers of BDSM, or it also includes beginners or curious about sex life or the users who are looking to try out BDSM in the style of the fifty shades of grey. Here is a detailed review of the website and its usage to better understand using the same.

The Design of the Dating Platform

The Design of the Dating Platform

The portal has a simple but clumsy website design that can be slightly difficult for new users but might be easy for experienced users. The website’s home page has a direct link to log in for its established users and a direct registration section for the new users. All the essential features on an online dating platform can be accessed on the user’s home page after a successful registration. The Alt.com website includes a lot of pictures to catch the user’s attention. But on the other hand, the website, on the whole, seems crowded for the most part as the options are not well organized. The organized concept helps the users find out the options quickly and experience them in a better manner. The lack of organization on a website could be a bit frustrating in any case. From that perspective, the design may get an eight on ten.

Special Features of Alt.com That You Must Know

Special Features of Alt.com That You Must Know

The dating website comprises all the basic features and various unique features. Beginning with registration, the website has an easy registration process for new users. Once all the procedures of signing up on the portal are complete, users can start enjoying their basic membership services for free and enjoy the website’s special features. The users can upgrade their accounts to premium format. Users can search for people with similar interests based on features like location, age, those who are online for the moment, etc.

Users can contact other members online using text messages or live video chats. The portal has a unique feature called ‘hotlist’ for members to add the profiles that they are interested in. In alt.com, people can tag photos as ‘hot’ or ‘not hot’ similar to the ‘like’ feature in most of the popular dating websites. Users can give their testimonials on other users on the website and also describe their preferences to it easy for people to find partners. This website is mostly for people interested in digital methods of vulgar activity. If one wants to intensely enjoy and satisfy alternate sexual fetishes, sign-up at Alt.com.

The website has a special matchmaking system ‘cupid report’ that suggests matches based on the description and personal information. Moreover, they also have astrological compatibility that suggests matches based on the zodiac signs. Alt.com also allows its members to know people who have viewed or liked their profiles. Users can block members or report scams if they get offended by the actions of any other member. However, one of the major issues with the website features is that most of the features mentioned here are accessible only for premium gold or silver members of alt.com.

Security Features of Alt.com

Security Features of Alt.com

This dating platform gives priority to the safety of personal information provided on the website. The website follows the common privacy and security policies common for all the services of FriendFinder Network. They claim to be using various methods such as firewalls to ensure that all the data given by any users are protected from all possible misuses. Alt.com website has a responsive customer service team. People can report any harassment or sexual ads issues by contacting them over phone, email, or using the report system provided on the home page. However, the user’s personal contact details like emails may be shared with the website’s partners unless the user denies it.

Quality of Profiles on the Site

Users can give all their basic details and add a lot of additional information about their interests and preferences on BDSM and fetishisms while finding sexual partners. Therefore, the user profiles on Alt.com are highly informative and can include compatibility charts, personality types, sexual experience, etc. Since the profiles have all this information, the website provides a wide variety of advanced search filters for better results.

The website has more male profiles compared to people with other gender orientations. However, it is not compulsory to give all the additional data, and users can opt for the ‘prefer not to say’ option if not interested. Also, Alt.com only allows its premium members to view unlimited profiles on the website. Therefore one needs to upgrade their profile to get the benefit of the informative profiles of other users.

It is not necessary that the users of Alt.com must be single. The users can be single, couples, or individuals who have some irregular taste when in bed. The users’ profile is in detail, which means that it gives enough information about the member that the user is interested in. This also helps the user to know whether the other person is of their taste or not. There are five steps of verification for all the users, and it is necessary for each user on the website to verify their account by submitting proof of identity. Mostly some male members dominate the website. The users are mostly between the age group of 25-34 years old. Also, the design of Alt.com is straightforward and plain, which makes the app easy-to-use. The website interface is full of only three colors: black, yellow, and white, where black is used for the background, and yellow and white are used for fonts. The font’s size is neither too big nor too small, making the word easy to read.

Registration Process

Registration Process

The platform offers a free profile registration for all above the age of 18 in just a few steps. The home page of the website directs new users to register their profiles. New users have to provide their sexual orientation and their email id to begin the sign-up process. The website then asks for some basic details like age, race, etc., and a username and password. Once all the relevant details are entered, the website then has a strict verification procedure. Email verification is a critical step, and only after the successful completion of it, one can access the profile home page.

Suggestions to Remove or Block a Member on Alt.com

The dating site gives the users only suggestions for possible matches considering the user’s preferences, likes, and interests. It is completely up to the users to decide whether to continue with the suggestions or not if they can remove the suggestions. Premium members of the site can reject messages or completely block any particular profiles according to their choice.

Should You Enter as a Member, or as a Guest on the Site?

On alt.com, every new user is registered as standard members, and there are no guest registrations possible. However, there are certainly major differences between being a basic member and a premium member. A basic alt-com member can get limited services like uploading photos, creating a hotlist, like photos, searching, flirt, joining chat rooms, accessing blogs, and watching live streams.

Only premium gold or silver members of Alt.com can access unlimited membership services like advanced search, sending virtual gifts, initiating chats and live streams, and getting 24/7 customer support from the operators. Premium members are given open access to their blogs and magazines and remain on the top of all search lists. In simple words, the major difference between the user entering as a guest and registering himself as a member says that he will not enjoy the services provided to the members. Most of these dating websites are looking for authenticity since it involves two people meeting and hanging out with each other, and being a guest does not fetch either party any good. Considering that, it is advisable to become a free member even if it is possible to pay for the portal.

Availability of Mobile Applications

The platform does not have any specific mobile application, but users can use the common mobile application provided by the operator FriendFinder Network. The common app AllFriendFinder is available only for iPhone users, and others have to use the website’s mobile version. Even though it is a common mobile application, it includes all the Alt.com website features and is equally good.

What You Should Know About the Download of Application From the Site

The common mobile applications for dating platforms under FriendFinder Network are only available for iPhone users and can be downloaded from the Alt.com website.

Alt.com Mobile Version of the Site

Alt.com website has a mobile version for the convenience of mobile device users. Since mobile applications are not provided for Android devices, the original website’s mobile version is the only option. Most of the time, it is only preferable to use the mobile site on the phone to not face any issues or bug fixes requirements that might happen with the mobile applications.

Availability of This Dating Platform on the Google Playstore and App Store

The mobile application for Alt.com is available only for iPhone users, and it can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store. There are no Android applications for alt.com, and so it is not available on the Google Play store.

Convenient Features of Application for Users

This is convenient for mobile users. Since it is a general app for all websites under FriendFinder Network, alt-com users have to log in using the unique id [email protected]. All the services provided on the Alt.com website are equally available on the mobile application as well. Users can search, chat, or have live streams on their mobile devices also. Mobile applications provide users with quick notifications on receiving messages or likes from other users.

Pricing and the Services Offered by Alt.com

Pricing and the Services Offered by Alt.com

There are two tiers of paid membership that a user can indulge in, namely silver and gold. Each of them has various perks, with the gold having an addition to that of the silver tier. That being said, the gold tier is more expensive than the silver one. These premium membership benefits are guaranteed to give one a higher chance of having hookups.

There are both the free and fee-based facility which is available for the users. The free services include: registration, uploading photos, adding to a hotlist, adding as friends, hot or not, searches, kink search, live member webcams, etc. In contrast, there are more additional features for all the premium subscribers.

Two types of subscriptions are provided by the Alt.com website, namely, silver subscription and gold subscription with a duration of 1, 3, and 12 months. In the silver subscription, the cost for one month is 19.95 USD per month, the cost for three months is 11.99 USD per month, and the cost for 12 months is 8.33 USD per month. In gold subscription, the cost for one month is 29.95 USD per month, the cost for three months is 19.99 per month, and the cost for 12 months is 12.50 USD per month. All the silver and gold members have full-on access to unlimited profiles. There are two types of payment methods that are present on the Alt.com website, and that are credit card and cheque.

1 Month Silver costs $19.95, 3 Months Silver costs $11.99 / month, and the 12 Months Silver is $8.95 / Month. For the gold tier, it is $29.95 for a month, $19.99 / month for three months, and $13.43 / month for the yearly one. The free membership problem is that the user will not work without any conversation with the other profiles even though they like them, especially if the profile is a premium member like in the Gold or Silver plan.

For paid membership, the people who opt for the silver tier get various perks compared to a guest user. These members can view and contact members, and their profile is shown up in the search results after the gold members. The members can access other introductory videos, live and recorded versions, and decide to contact them. These members get partial access to blogs, magazines, and groups and also 24/7 customer support. The magazine is quite the entertainment for the users because it has content submitted by the members. The content ranges from just a paragraph to success stories and poetry. Any user can check that out for inspiration to start a chat with their favorite profile.

For the gold members, all the perks of the silver tier are included, and on top of that, there are additional features. These members are the first ones to contact any other members on the platform. They get full access to members’ life and recorded video intros, blogs, magazines, and groups. These members can also get extra-large photos of other members and access to ICQ, AIM, and MSN ids of members in your network. They can also send virtual gifts and Pay-per-minute adult movies. Create a Hotlist of members they like and connect to them. Apart from all the features mentioned, the members will also be able to work on live videos and cameras, and especially if the user has a Macbook, they will have to download appropriate extensions to stream the videos.

There is a section for Astrological Compatibility, which shows the zodiac signs compatible with a particular Chinese zodiac (animal sign) and someone’s sexual biorhythm chart. All these can help a person have an idea about other members on alt.com.

Contact Information

  • Company: Athelstan Enterprise B.V.
  • Address: Hoogoorddreef 15, 1101 BA, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Phone-Hotline: 1-855-776-8436


This website is particular for adult dating, and people would like to experience some Shades from the Fifty Shades of Grey having similar fetishes. The users signing up for this will be finding similar people with those freaky desires when it comes to sex. It is a community where you can unleash the wild sensual character in a person. This is not only for single people but also for couples or groups, and this is where adventurous people can search for compatible individuals who can be their no-strings-attached BDSM partner. There are many fake profiles reported on this website, and there have been no changes done as far as these fake profiles are concerned. One has to navigate properly through the profiles to find a genuine member. There have been various spam reports occurring as well, where people deceive other members into sending money through an online channel, and that money is lost forever.

Alt.com is very concerned with making sure all their users are over 18, as most of the material is explicit and sexual. However, the interface is not lovely and looks like a site that belongs to the Deep Web. Most reviews found online have been negative, and in general, people have great difficulty operating this website, despite that the website has gained a broad audience. The features are appealing to most users, and many reviews have suggested that this method is quite addictive.

Alt.com website is meant for all the individuals who are finding their perfect match, especially for fulfilling their sexual desires. The portal is for all those users out there who are bored from their sexual life and seek adventure with their sexual fetishes. The site consists of diverse users with phenomenal Alt.com reviews and ratings.

The users especially enjoy this site because it gives the users full access to get in touch with their sexual desires without even being judged. The more exciting part of using the Alt.com website is that it is not only limited to single people, but it also includes couples and groups. It is a platform wherein customers can look for like-minded folks who may be their no-strings-connected or BDSM partners.

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