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FabSwingers Review From Experts: The Truth About Online Sex

FabSwingers Review From Experts: The Truth About Online Sex
About Site
Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 81%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 75%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The most exceptional advantage that the FabSwingers hold is that it is free of cost; the swingers can enjoy all the FabSwingers site services without paying a single penny. But, if any swinger wishes to show their support for this fantastic website, they can purchase the site-support premium version.
  • It has a unique “Meet Today” feature that is useful for having instant dates and meetups. This feature draws the attention of a large population of swingers towards FabSwingers.
  • It has a live forum and a feed comprising a list of all the upcoming events that help maintain the swingers' excitement and anticipation.
  • It is a user-friendly website, and it can be enjoyed not only by the singles but also by the couples if they wish to experience something unique or thrilling.
  • There are no fake user profiles available on Fab Swingers.
  • The male to female ratio is not consistent, and the active swingers observe the majority of men as compared to the women.
  • There are very few interactive and fun events.
  • It has a simplistic website that might not be catchy enough for the users and turn off.

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FabSwingers website is a fully functioning free of cost dating site, especially targeting swingers all across the world. It holds the tagline- fun, free, and fabulous. It is the most favorable and widely used website used by people willing to indulge in unconventional sexual activities online. It is a massive threat for the swingers who have received a platform to connect and meet their sexual desires. FabSwingers website permits the swingers to organize virtual meetups with singles and even couples having similar mindsets. FabSwingers facilitate sexual adventures like partner swapping and also engaging swings.

On average, around 50,000 new swingers sign into FabSwingers every day, so this clearly states that FabSwingers handles a daily traffic of new users willing to enjoy the free and exclusive services provided to the members. Swingers on FabSwingers can communicate and connect with personal chatting, group chatting, and video calling sessions. Also, FabSwingers is a very busy and active website because the user will find most swingers always active on the site and very enthusiastic.

On the FabSwingers website, one has to log in to the site and have many options to connect with at the very next moment. There are more male members than female members on this website. The website divides the accounts into two categories- single and couple. The first one belongs to an individual, whereas the latter regards a couple in a relationship.

A member of FabSwingers has access to both categories of the account. Some communications on the FabSwingers website can also turn out to be genuine more than just sexual conversations. FabSwingers help people widen their search and find a swing that matches their mindset and personality. Here is a detailed Fabswingers review of the website for the user to choose if they should proceed surfing through the website or not.

Simple and Traditional Design of the Site

Simple and Traditional Design of the Site

The design of the website is quite old fashioned and simplistic. It has an uncomplicated interface that makes it easy for even a normal person with no knowledge to get a knack quickly. Everything is quite organized and accessible on the homepage of the Fabswinger website.

One can start a conversation with a call option or opt for the messaging or the chatroom feature on logging into the website. If a person is looking for a fascinating and catchy user interface, this website is not for them. This site has a fundamental approach and aims to help people find their swing without all the dazzle and sparkle present on other websites.

Special Features

Special Features

The Fabswinger website is a free website for the swinger, but it still offers its users many features. It allows users to text another user without the requirement of any paid membership. It also has a Mailbox feature where all the messages are available for about thirty days. One can also check if the person they are talking about has received and read their messages. It has a photo verification feature that cancels out all the probabilities of fake users.

One can upload a whole album of any pictures they prefer. The members can also gain access to the paid features by upgrading their membership to silver or gold. These memberships allow the users to check out all the pictures of other users, upload more photos on their profile, review who has visited their profiles, and video calls with any user.

The Meet Today feature is also fascinating because it helps the user to find dates spontaneously or to make them socially available for a particular period. They can also use the events and message boards to interact with other people. One can also send photos during a conversation and have a better chatting experience.

The Security Features on FabSwinger

The FabSwingers reviews state that it is a safe and secure site. The scrupulous photo verification process is one of the characteristics that make the website resistant to any fake logins. There are no spam messages or endless marketing notifications sent, thereby not disturbing the users. The website also ensures that none of the personal information gets exposed to any scammers or any organization. The users have an opportunity to delete their page after use by using the Remove page feature.

Quality of the Profiles

Quality of the Profiles

The user profiles of the registered swingers are secured, precise and detailed. Additionally, every account of the swinger using the FabSwingers website is manually checked and verified through a photo verification process that ultimately eliminates the existence of fake profiles of FabSwingers. The user profiles are pretty informative and consist of general information about users’ personal details, hookup preferences, and even sex expectations. There is a fab option that one can use to like the profile of a person the users wish to communicate with again. The swingers can add their photos or photo album to make their profile intriguing and can even upload a sexy profile picture to grab other swingers’ attention. These user profiles with the photographs and photo albums are freely visible to all the Fab Swingers. There is a high level of authenticity maintained regarding the maintenance and management of the profiles.

FabSwingers is a website that is being designed for all the swingers around the globe. The site promises that they will help their users get the best of the best match and connect different people worldwide, especially those who are willing to engage themselves in sexual adventures with the tagline “fun, free, and fabulous.” In terms of membership, the FabSwingers website is the biggest. The FabSwingers has also been featured many times on the news. The site is best suitable for swingers who want to meet with other peoples with the same taste, whether single or mingle. Almost 1 30,000 users sign into Fab Swingers daily. It also gives all the singles and couples looking forward to swings or engaging themselves in some activity, also known as “partner swapping.”

There are almost over 300,000 users from the USA. Also, the users that login to FabSwingers daily are around 50,000. The percentage of males and females are 60% and 40%, respectively, and it is visible that the male members dominate the website. The website remains much active in a few cases, such as sending messages, group chatting, and video chatting sessions. There is so less number of fake or bot accounts that are available in Fab Swingers.

There are lots of members who are available for chatting at any time without fail. Also, there are two types of accounts that are classified as singles accounts and couple accounts. Here singles accounts are owned and handled by the individuals, whereas the couple accounts are similar to joined bank accounts, which means that it is owned and handled by the partners. The user has access to message any account without concern about the user’s account types.

The members of FabSwingers have a record of responding quickly. The signing up process in FabSwingers is a long process as verification requires 1 hour or more than that. The step and initial step in the registration process consist of some set of questions about the users, which is very easy and understandable. This consists of personal information such as email address, username, password, gender, etc., the users then need to upload a photograph showing their face and hands. They should carry a piece of paper with the words FabSwingers.com and also their username written on it.

According to the FabSwingers review, this verification process can take up to 1 hour or, in some cases, it can take up to 3 long hours. The profiles in FabSwingers have enough information to understand the user’s taste, but some of the user’s profiles may have plenty of information. Also, the user needs to enter their personal details at the time of registration to reduce the probability of fake accounts. There is a space where users can write what they want and what type of sex they prefer to.

The FabSwingers reviews are also outstanding, where 3.5-star out of 5 has been given to signing up, 4-star out of 5 is for making contact, and 4-star out of 5 is for profile quality and real-life review. The users can view other profiles once they are able to pass the verification process. The search tools in the Fab Swingers are entirely free to use with all the fantastic filters. There are many options to find the best profile for them or for making contact.

The user can use various options to get in touch with the profile they like, such as using the chat function. There is also the availability of public chatrooms divided based on the locations, which means that the users can also find people from their locality or area and have fun with them. The user can also have a look at other people’s live cam. The other facility is that the user can join forums or can also post one. But there are some limitations of these chatrooms and forums available on the FabSwingers website.

Registration Process

Registration Process

The registration process starts with two options- one consisting of the website asking the users to log in directly if the users are a registered swinger. The other is the need to sign up for FabSwingers. The signup process is user friendly and involves few formalities like entering the users’ email address, gender, username, and password. The most crucial and best feature of the FabSwingers website’s registration process is the photo verification procedure.

In this process, the website asks the users to click a photo of themselves in which their face should be visible, and the users need to write their username along with fabswingers.com on a piece of paper and hold it in their hand and then click and upload that photo for photo verification. Usually, the photo verification process takes about three hours to get completed successfully. Once the photograph gets verified, the users are all set to explore FabSwingers. The photo verification process adds genuineness and authenticity to the FabSwingers website as it eliminates the probability of creating and finding any fake profiles.

Possibility to Unmatch a Fabswinger Member

No, there is no such unmatching feature possible on the Fabswinger website. One can choose to leave the conversation or the chat room if they find the chat inappropriate. They can delete the previous messages and start a brand-new discussion with a different user. Some websites have different matching procedures, and not all websites operate like Tinder that lets the users swipe on the person that the users like.

Entering as a Guest and Entering as a Member on the Fabswinger Website?

There is no such option of logging into the website as a guest. Apart from this, there are two options to either login or join for free. The user can log in to the website using the registered username and password, or create a profile with the required details. Experiencing the full list of features will only be possible as a member rather than using the website as a guest.

Mobile Applications of the Site

Mobile Applications of the Site

The Fabswinger website does not have any primary mobile application, but it has a mobile browser version. It is related to the desktop version possessing the same features and functionalities. It works with the same efficiency as that of the desktop website and has an equivalent interface. The FabSwingers own no mobile app, but they have designed a web app that can be used through a mobile browser. Also, it is designed very simply and clearly, which makes it understandable and also easy-to-use. The people from the young generation may find the design outdated, but the functionality of being fully free of cost makes up for it. All the essential things are available on the homepage.

Possibility to Download the Application From the Site

There is no mobile application as such, and therefore it cannot be downloaded from the site. However, the users can still enjoy the website on its mobile version. They can be sure of no extra app bugs that they will have to raise a complaint about with this.

Mobile Version of the Site

A mobile website is easily obtainable to the users on their handset by just searching for Fabswinger on google or the safari browser.

Availability of the App on the Google Play Store and Apple Store

There is no application for the Fabswinger website available on Google Play Store or App Store.

How Convenient Is the Application?

There is no application, but the Fabswinger website is pretty promising and convenient for its users.



The FabSwingers website has no fee-based services and is a 100% free dating site. All the services in the FabSwingers are totally free of cost. This is one of the main causes of FabSwingers being so popular and loving and also having many users. All the features and services in FabSwingers are free of cost and accessible to all, but the user can choose to be a supporter and donate according to their convenience. This can be done from the homepage of the user’s account.

There are many free features such as live cams, messaging, group chat, uploading albums, posting or participating in various forums, sending photos, liking other people’s photos, adding friends, sending “winks,” looking at other members’ albums, registration, updating their status, searching for another member, All filters in search. There is also a swingers club provided by the FabSwingers website known as swingers Club Directory. Another best and the free feature is all filters in the search, enabling users to search any filter of their choice. This also helps the users to stay anonymous without disclosing their real identities. Hence, the users need not worry about having a credit card or any other payment options, and they can have great fun just by clearing their verification and registration process.

Contact Information

There is no contact number or email address provided to contact the FabSwingers. But, they do have to contact us option where the user will find several options and can choose the problems or issues faced by them. Step by step, the user’s problem will reach the organization of FabSwingers, and the problem will be resolved.



The site is best suitable for swingers who want to meet with other people with the same taste and mental disorder. As FabSwingers is the site for adults, people below the age of 18 are strictly prohibited from using it. Above the age of 18 years, there are no more age restrictions. The site is accessible both to singles and couples. The site has come up with some unique experiences and FabSwingers reviews as compared to other dating si tes. The one key function that attracts more and more users and enables them to sign up is that the website is free, and the user doesn’t need to pay for any other additional features.

Not only this, but FabSwingers also proved to be a safe website as it doesn’t disclose any information or photos of its users to a third-party organization. The users’ photos are verified by using meticulous photo verification, making it safer, and no user is allowed to access the FabSwingers without clearing the verification round. According to users of FabSwingers, being a swinger’s account, the website doesn’t have many restrictions as to what the user wants to say or share. The user can be as bold and bare as they want to, and also, they can reveal their inner-self as much as they want without even being judged. Most of the members believe that there is a lot more fun when they come into the site.

Some users have a good sense of humor related to sex, which makes it more fun and interesting. The site also believes that they made more bonds and meetups as compared to other dating sites. Some of the users also shared that if they have sexual desires which can’t be filled due to insecurity, then FabSwingers is probably the best site as their desires can be fulfilled just by joining the chatrooms, and also it is fun to use.

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