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FuckBookHookup Review From Experts: The Truth About Online Sex

FuckBookHookup Review From Experts: The Truth About Online Sex
About Site
Active Audience 70%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 18-29
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The first benefit and the unique selling point of the website are that it is open to all people with any sexual orientation or preference.
  • The registration will take only a few minutes to complete, and it is free to complete the initial stage.
  • As said earlier, the basic membership is free, and the user can upgrade it whenever need be only with reasonable rates.
  • The website has 200 million users already, and they are willing participants from not only local but also abroad. Here, the chances of the user finding the hook up with the partner become highly likely.
  • The live camera show performances are 3000, at least at any given time.
  • The video library has more than 250,000 video clips, and it is possible for the users to turn off the audio option while watching.
  • The privacy is taken quite seriously on this website with a strict privacy policy, and the team is working hard to maintain the same.
  • The customer service is appreciable from the same as they remain professional and stay available round the clock.
  • Apart from just being the dating website, it offers a comprehensive financial partner plan for people who would like to indulge in business ideas.
  • The user interface is also quite simple and helps the users have a hassle-free experience.
  • The website has a massive gallery of pictures submitted by the users, and a preview of every member profile can be seen along with their details. The current location of the member and the contact details will also be displayed over the same page.
  • The basic membership offers only limited features for the users, which leaves them with spending for the premium membership monthly to experience more.
  • The mobile application is not available for this website as of now.
  • Again, like any other dating website, the potential presence of scammers cannot be avoided.

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FuckBookHookup is an adult dating website that works for people who are looking for casual relationships or a one-time hookup. The people of the industry have named it to be the Facebook of Sex, which has millions of users on the website with no commitment or relationships with No Strings Attached. Once again, this place is specifically for people who are not looking for long-term relationships. The site is filled with free-thinking people and acts as a platform for people of different sexual orientations and preferences to freely express their expectations.

Here, a detailed review of the website has been given with specifics of the website usage, pricing, and other details.

The Pleasant and Attractive Design of the Site

The website’s design is quite pleasant and attractive enough for the users to find out all the options in one go. When someone enters the website, they can watch out for the center portion with an impressive member gallery, and the images are quite interesting. One unique point that makes the FuckBookHookup website stands out is that the gallery is full of nude girls, and the entire setup is quite controversial. That could be overwhelming for some people, so we suggest that the user browse around for some time, watch out for some videos to understand how the website actually works.

The makers have made strong consideration towards making the pages as explicit as possible. The users will have to simply finish the registration and start out their adventurous experience on the website.

The Pleasant and Attractive Design of the Site

Special Features for Members

The webcam feature is major on this website, and it is for people who are not ready just to hook up yet. The 3000 webcam shows could be a gift to people who would like to get the best out of an adult dating website. The member gallery photos also come with relevant notifications and options for the viewer to contact the particular member or at least to see the member’s current status and check out if they’ll be available. The members’ recent activities can be viewed by hovering the cursor over the profile. The activity also includes the preference and expertise of that particular person, which is one of the members’ favorite features as far as being FuckBookHookup reviews go.

Another special feature of this website that makes it unique is that users will upload their expertise in sex methods or positions. The search feature present on the website is more like a Google search option. The members can enter a particular location and find out the members present around. The user is more likely to be overwhelmed with the number of people available in and around the location.

The Security Features of FuckBookHookup

As said earlier, the team is quite keen on providing the safest of experience to their uses, and FuckBookHookup also has security aspects and a dedicated section for the same. There is a legal stipulation involved, and it has to be attended by all the adult dating websites. Since this website also provides business opportunities, the legal stipulations available for that financial scheme are also provided. The process with which the game can be played or money can be earned is the return on the same website.

The ID authentication process of FuckBookHookup ensures that the team takes significant safety measures. The authentication is performed by email, making sure of the background legitimacy of registered in the vegetable, thereby protecting the privacy aspects of other members.

The terms and conditions present in the FuckBookHookup website focus on data confidentiality and safe browsing, and the team maintains Secure Sockets Layer protocols amongst other security measures. On a completely different note, it is suggestible that the user checks out on other features regarding the security of this website, specifically for the fact that it is all about the casual hookups. The security of an individual also definitely depends on the very individual as the website can only instruct the individual on how to work with them. Every legitimate site will have a safety page that discusses every member’s safety and data protection, which is a good sign of a particular page. However, if the user is not careful about sharing their information with the portal members without meeting them or understanding anything about them, it would be their fault.

FuckBookHookup also provides users with the opportunity to immediately report suspicious profiles to the site’s moderators. The staff is available around the clock and will assist the user at any point in time. Suppose the user finds other members being suspicious. In that case, it is always acceptable to report this incorrect behavior that works in the rest of the FuckBookHookup users’ interest. The team will further review the profile and eliminate it if it is a scammer or a hacker.

The Security Features of FuckBookHookup

The Quality of Profiles

The FuckBookHookup website’s casual nature might come out as something that cannot be extensively compared to other traditional dating websites. However, with a dedicated team, the brand ensures that it maintains a good number of profiles dedicated to the same. According to the information invested on the website, the user will find out a good list of other profiles around the area who are willing to put the same kind of effort into being in a casual relationship.

It is always preferable to upload multiple images to attract other profiles and come out as a genuine user. Casual dating websites do not necessarily encourage the lack of authenticity, so act accordingly.

Registration Process

The registration process is simple and hassle-free and takes barely 10 minutes to do so. The user will have to use the signup option and then into some basic details like the email address, username, etc. After entering the username and other preferences, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address with which the profile has been registered. The user should click on the verification link to confirm that it belongs to them, and it is a part of the authentication process. Given that, the users will have to upload multiple pictures to come out as an authentic profile on the FuckBookHookup website with millions of users.

The username and email id must be unique, and if the user has already registered with another site with the same email ID, it is not possible for them to reuse the same. As such, there are a few simple rules that are commonly applied for any registration process on any website.

Unmatching a FuckBookHookup Member

There is no unmatching feature as such for the FuckBookHookup users. If they find someone with no compatibility, then it is advisable to block them or let them know that you are no longer interested. However, if there is any suspicious activity involved, we advise the user takes one step ahead by reporting the profile to the site moderators.

Difference Between Entering as a Guest and Entering as a Member

There is some difference between the user acting like a guest and entering as a member. The guest on this website does not have many activities to do but only surf through. Since the FuckBookHookup website has a premium membership format, the guest users will have extremely minimal access to the website. At the same time, they should register themselves to get the list of access like private chat and other videos. Apart from this, there is a premium membership available for all the members to register for free on their website, and even free members will have only limited access. In contrast, the premium members of any category can look out for special features like cam casts and so much more.

Difference Between Entering as a Guest and Entering as a Member

Availability of Mobile Applications

There is no particular mobile application for FuckBookHookup as of now. The website can still be accessed in the mobile device browser, and the experience is just as good as anyone accessing the website from a personal computer or a laptop. The features are quite evident on the mobile version of the website.

Know the Details to Download the App From the Site

No, it is not possible for the users to download the application from the FuckBookHookup website, considering it doesn’t have any particular mobile application. The users should not get confused with the rest of the dating applications available on Google Play Store and App Store with Fuck Book Hookup.

Mobile Version of the Site

Yes, the website’s mobile version is applicable in this case, and the users can still get updates on their mobile phones by browsing the website and all the other features on the mobile browser. Starting from watching videos to having a private chat and simply surfing through, everything is available in the website’s mobile version.

Availability of the App on the Google Playstore and Apple Store

As said earlier, the application is not available in any of the stores online, which is why the team ensures that the mobile version of the website brings in all the features that should be available.

Mobile App Offers Convenient Use to the Users

The website’s mobile version is convenient, while it is not the same as having an application. The team has no information or has released nothing about coming up with an app shortly.

Mobile App Offers Convenient Use to the Users


According to the FuckBookHookup reviews, the website has free membership options, the subscription is available to complete access to the website. The user will be providing only minimal information, which gives them access to a trial version as well with Limited access to browsing and other previews. In order to access the full features and get the complete experience of an adult dating website, the user should select either of the pricing option feasible for them.

The first would be a one-month subscription that is called here as gold membership and is available for the users at 29.99 USD.

Another subscription available for three months will cost the user $14.99 per month, and if he would like to pay for the same on a quarterly basis, then it would cost him $44.95.

Likewise, the website also provides a full list of features with a One-year subscription that adds greater value than the gold and VIP membership options. It would cost the user around $8.99 per month. It is going for a monthly subscription under the yearly promise and will cost only $107.85 per annum. If the user is planning to take on 12 months and still pay monthly, it would be necessary to add the credit card credentials for auto-debit purposes.

Any membership option does not have any discrimination, and according to the user’s feasibility and budget, he will be able to get access to all the features. The list of features includes chatting with other members, joining the friend groups, and accessing blog content and other services. The cam casts are one of the advanced features available exclusively for premium members on the FuckBookHookup website, which will be all for the user when he pays for it.

Considering all the potential features that the website can offer for the users who are willing to pay for it, the pricing can be determined under the term competitive. Also, the one-year subscription seems like a value pack definitely. As the FuckBookHookup reviews go, most members prefer to take an annual subscription and pay for it on a monthly basis as it is a smaller amount to invest for the extensive range of features the website is willing to provide.

On the other hand, the FuckBookHookup website also promises to take all the technical advantages to ensure that the user has a safe experience within a reasonable rate. It is also not forgotten that the website also offers options for business-minded individuals and some profit-sharing ideas by becoming an exclusive partner of the facility and coming up with an interesting financial scheme.


Contact Information

The team is full of dedicated professional staff, and the moderators respond to the query or complaint or any sort of issues within a minimal period. The members can raise any number of queries, and it will be answered given the staff is available round the clock. If the user has any feedback or suggestions for the team, there will be more than willing to listen to it and discuss the same. FuckBookHookup has made it clear that their team’s objective is to provide timely service to the members without any interruptions to the interesting experience that they might have on the website.

To ensure the same, the website has a specific help and contact option on the page’s footer for the users to check out. The page comes up with a list of General information and other frequently asked questions. It helps the user understand if their question has already been answered, and in that case, they would not have to contact the team and wait for a response in the display.

The user can choose to use the forum for suggestions and feedback or immediately contact them (669)208-0363. There is no particular email address present. However, the team provides a live help option that appears on the website’s bottom right corner. If the user clicks on the live help option, it will redirect them to the submission page, and the user can submit either a query or raise a complaint or write down a suggestion or feedback.

The form requests the user to enter their email address, username, the type of feedback they would like to discuss with their team, and the comments to detail the feedback. The users can choose from the type of feedback to let the team know if it is regarding the username of the password or a question related to the billing, auto-renewal, etc. Users have queries regarding the 3-month guarantee option, and that is given in the drop-down list if they would like to discuss it with the day in about the same. With a click, the user will send out an email to the team and expect a quick response. The address is located on Hamilton Avenue, Sixth Floor, Campbell, CA 95008.

Contact Information


According to the FuckBookHookup review, like any other popular dating website, the portal works best for people who would like to have casual encounters without commitment. The site’s interface and the safety disclaimers present in the website’s footer ensure that the user understands the team’s dedication and interest in maintaining the safety and security of the users and the content posted on their platform. The website houses millions of members in the United States and worldwide, and the figure seems to be steadily increasing, making the team stronger in the market. The gallery feature makes the whole idea of browsing through this particular website exciting. There are filters for the members to search for a profile that is not only within the location but also suits the preferences of the person searching for it.

If the user is not yet ready to look at the profiles readily available for a casual hookup, there is a set of millions of images for the members to get acquainted with how the website works. The moderators are also continually reviewing the website and finding out potential scammers, and removing them from their website. At the same time, they also expect the users to co-operate by reporting the profile if they find any suspicious activity. The team is only interested in giving its customers an enhanced experience. Not to mention, the website could be a starter if someone is looking for business opportunities in the industry, so, as one can see, this website seems to be worth the time and effort.

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