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No Strings Attached Review From Experts: The Truth About Online Sex

No Strings Attached Review From Experts: The Truth About Online Sex
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Active Audience 52%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 300 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.9
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The best part is that the No Strings Attached website allows full privacy. So, married people but want to have a fling can easily make their accounts on this website.
  • The process of registering on this website is straightforward, and it takes just 2 minutes.
  • Not only can people on the No Strings Attached website chat for free, but they can also chat by turning on their webcam. This ensures that the two individuals have excellent compatibility before actually meeting each other in person.
  • No Strings Attached does not have a mobile app. This somehow affects the functionality of this website. People cannot surf the site whenever they want to.
  • Even after paying the subscription fee, members still have to pay extra in case they want to stand out in search results.

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No Strings Attached is a casual dating website that allows men and women to have extramarital affairs. It is ranked 28 out of 723 dating websites available. This website is for people who are looking for online fun, then look no further. This website focuses on providing all of its users with some real-time fun. There are a total of 3 million users on this website who are looking for online fun. Members can easily find the right choice for them. They can also make new contacts, share their interests, fulfill their fantasies, and can even have fun in person.

The Usage and Design of the Website

The Usage and Design of the Website

As already said, this site is even for married individuals. So, it has a feature that prioritizes security. Every member is given full control of their security. The ‘Security’ option is in their ‘privacy settings’ under the ‘My Account’ page. Users also have the option of hiding the emails that they do not want to receive. So, users can customize that accordingly.

All the functionalities within the app are pretty straightforward and convenient. Any user can understand it without much hassle. The site has simple buttons & texts that all the members can easily use, no matter what age.

Despite all these simplicities, No Strings Attached has a disadvantage: it still doesn’t have a mobile app or a version of it that is mobile-friendly. In case someone tries to access the website using their mobile browser, the website still gives the desktop version, and users find it pretty hard to surf.

As we are aware that No Strings Attached is associated with secret relationships and even extramarital affairs, so in this case, the security of the profiles plays a vital role. Additionally, every user has full authority over their respective accounts’ privacy settings under the My Account tab. All the functionalities are quite simple to understand and easy to implement, and the user interface is interactive and user friendly.

The No Strings Attached website incorporates simple design and buttons to meet users’ expectations belonging to all age groups. The users can even customize their email notifications like they can give preferences to the emails they want to get the messages and which email they wish to hide. There is a content filter available that can help the users to prevent nudity and objectionable profiles.

There is even a navigation panel present that facilitates the user to navigate through the entire website. The navigation panel has the following tabs, home tab- this tab helps the users to jump to the home page from any other page. Then there is a find member tab- this tab helps the users to discover the other active members near them, favorite people, or matches. Then comes the find video tab- this tab comprises the latest hot and exclusive videos posted on the site, and even displays the liked or favorite videos. There is also an upload option with the help of which the users can easily upload their photos or videos they want to share with others. The other tab is of Live Webcam that includes live cams of models and even members. The site also has a sidebar placed on the left part that holds the members’ profile information.

The usability features include the Match Reports feature, in which users can turn off under the My Account and uncheck the Match Reports text box in the Email preferences.

The user can change the email address by clicking on the Email section under the My Account page, where you can update your email address by entering the new email address to be used. Then, the users can edit the automated password by heading into the My Account page, and then under the Manage Account section, the user needs to click on the Change Password option and then enter and update the new password.

The gender of the user can also be changed easily by simply entering into the My Account page and then under the “Edit Profile” section. For this, the user needs to click on “Physical Information” and then click on the “Upgrade your Gender” option and then update the gender information. Therefore the design of the website is quite comfortable and user-friendly.

Special Features of the Site

Special Features of the Site

No Strings Attached has various special features, as well. However, the features listed below can only be accessed by VIP members.

  • Cheating Tips: This site prepares a list for its users, which has various tips written on it. This list helps the members to hide their affairs. This page is accessible for no extra cost.
  • Open the Door: Using this feature, standard members can send text messages or requests to any user who has VIP membership.
  • Live Member Webcams: Members can choose whether they wish to go live publicly or only privately. This feature can be accessed only by VIP Members.
  • Live Model Webcams: Using this feature, members of No Strings Attached can see and talk to adult stars who are live streaming at that point in time. Members can use their tokens in case they want to buy them a virtual gift. They can also give a tip to them.
  • Find Member Videos: Members can browse through hundreds of adult videos uploaded by other users. They also have the option of uploading their own, in case they wish to.
  • Popularity Privileges: This feature of the No Strings Attached website is a kind of a reward program. It permits standard members to have full access to the website. These include access to chat rooms & message boards. Users can also respond to anyone who texts them. In case someone qualifies for this reward, they will then be able to see 50 members’ profiles.In order to obtain this privilege, standard members are required to reach a given number of profile views and that too within three days.
  • Hotlist: Using this feature, users can create a list of all the members they like and initiate a conversation with. The ‘Hotlist’ button is present on the top right side of the profile of the member. From here, users can easily view their list.
  • Match Reports: With this feature, users will get a list of all those who fit their preferences. The list is sent to the members at the email address provided at the time of registration.
The Security Features of No Strings Attached

The Security Features of No Strings Attached

When a new user creates their account on No Strings Attached, they get their password on their email address. This means, no one but them will have access to their password. No Strings Attached gives their user a password. During their first login, they can use only that password while logging into their account. This is done to make sure that the account is genuine.

No Strings Attached charges money in case someone wants to change their gender on this website. This is because it has a strict privacy policy, and by doing so, prevents scammers from being a part of No Strings Attached.

In case any member buys a premium feature ‘Open the Door,’ they will be eligible to receive messages from anyone who is a part of the No Strings Attached website.

The website’s overall security is very strict and ensures that no scammer is a part of the website. It also has a strict privacy policy that doesn’t allow members who indulge in scams or who violate the privacy policy to be a part of this website.

The Quality of the Profiles

The Quality of the Profiles

Members of No Strings Attached like to post sexy pictures and videos in their profiles. The videos that the members upload can be found in the ‘Find Video’ segment.

Users have an option where they can sort the videos either according to gender or by popularity. Generally, high-rated videos appear in the “High-Quality Member Videos” segment. Members who watch the videos can even rate them. In case someone likes raw, adult videos, this feature is best for them.

Registration Process

Registration Process

New members can register in just 2 minutes. Users can upload whatever they want to. There’s no restriction in uploading any pictures and videos since even nudity is allowed. Nevertheless, members cannot upload anything that asks for money, reveals personal details, or shows offensive content.

The registration process is quite simple, with a username and password as the basic steps, and the user will have to acknowledge that the email id belongs to them by clicking on the registration link. Once the basic steps are over, it is up to the user’s creativity to select the profile with the content that might attract the other profiles. It is only advised not to upload any offensive content and fill out the profile, keeping in mind that this is the date in the application, but the intention could be either just getting a fling or being in a relationship. It is advisable for the user to make it clear on the profile regarding their status.

Possibility to Block and Unmatch a No Strings Attached Member

Yes, users can un-match any member in case they want to. No Strings Attached provides that option to its users. If the user does not like the profile after a few conversations, then it is always okay to unmatch the other profile.

Difference Between Entering as a Guest and Entering as a Member

There is not much difference between entering as a guest and entering as a member. However, guests cannot use the search option, whereas members can. Members will be able to experience all the features while the guest is not given much of an option, and some features will remain accessible to the members only. The guests can only go through the website while the members can use it and send messages to other people.

Mobile Applications

There are negative No Strings Attached reviews when it comes to this. To date, No Strings Attached has no mobile app. This makes it very difficult for users to surf.

Know if the Application Can Be Downloaded From the Site

Even if users download the application from the site, they still get to see the desktop version. Sometimes, it’s not very easy to work with it, and not many users like adapting to it.

Mobile Version of the Site

Not even a single positive No Strings Attached review can be found when it comes to its mobile application because, to date, No Strings Attached has not launched its mobile app. This is frustrating for many users as they find it hard to scroll through the desktop version, even on their mobile phones. However, seeing all the chaos, No Strings Attached might launch its app soon.

Availability of the App on the Google Playstore and Apple Store

No Strings Attached doesn’t have a mobile app. It can neither be found on the Google Play Store nor the App Store. However, the website might launch its app soon because it gets lots of complaints regarding this, almost daily.

Is the Application Convenient for Users?

No Strings Attached currently doesn’t have an app or a mobile-friendly interface. So, the website is not very convenient, and the users complain a lot about it. Members cannot surf the website anywhere and anytime they want as they get to see the desktop version, even on their mobile phones. The application is convenient for users. The design is made in a manner that the users can find the options with a quick look rather than surfing through the entire website looking for one option.

Pricing Structure

Pricing Structure

The cost of the services and membership of the No Strings Attached website is quite affordable and economical. The pricing is pocket friendly to all the users who wish to be a part of No Strings Attached. It also has an initial seven days free trial period available for the users who desire to use No Strings Attached on a trial basis, plainly to understand, analyze, and get a knack of the No Strings’ functionalities Attached website. There are several monthly membership plans which the user requires to choose from after the seven-day free trial ends.

The first plan comprises a one-month subscription worth $29.95. This plan looks a bit expensive but suitable for those interested in using the website only for a month. This plan is not likely to be opted by the interested users, so they go for the second plan that is the four months plan worth $14.98/month. It comes with an additional offer consisting of 50% extra savings. This plan is considerably better and even economical as compared to the one month plan.

The next option is 18 months worth $8.95/month, and it comes with a special discount offer of 70% savings. This plan is best suited for the members looking forward to becoming a regular user of No Strings Attached and who wish to use the services for an extended period. This particular plan is the best one to purchase, and the website highly recommends it for its users.

The payment options include payment by credit cards and cheques.

Standard members have the opportunity to obtain several functionalities and features like Highlights, Join a Fan Club, and Gender Change that are worth $9.90 only. The premium members have the perquisites to exclusive features like viewing other users’ profiles, enjoying boundless conversation, watching videos and live cams, accessing the search features, and matching reports. Some additional features are also available on the website for its users. These include open the door where the standard members can send messages, live model webcam where one can view and converse with adult stars, and public or private sessions using live webcams.

If you choose to opt for the VIP membership, then you will be able to get exclusive access to a few exclusive features like:

  • Cheating tips- This feature includes all the necessary cheats required by the user to hide their virtual dating experiences.
  • Open the Door- This feature enables the standard members to send messages to VIP members, Live Member WebCams- this feature is exclusive for the VIP members through which these members can conduct live-streaming sessions or can even organize private sessions.
  • Live Model WebCams- This feature facilitates the VIP users to participate in the live streaming sessions of the adult stars, and they can even give them virtual tips by spending tokens.
  • Hotlist- This is a cool and important feature in which a VIP user can create a list of the members that the user is interested in and wishes to be in constant touch. The user needs to add those members into the Hotlist, and later that list can be accessed by clicking on the Hotlist button present on the navigation bar.
Contact Information

Contact Information

The No Strings Attached website is being operated from the United States by Various Incorporation at 910 E. Hamilton Ave. Suite 600, Campbell, CA, 95008. A few more office addresses from where the functioning of the No Strings Attached website takes place. The other office addresses are as follows.

  • In the EU by the Ventnor Enterprises Limited at Suite 2, second floor 145 High Street, Colchester Essex C01 1PG.
  • The office in Australia has the address Magnus Processing PTY Ltd, 85 Torquay Rd. QLD 4165 Redland Bay, Queensland, Australia.
  • The United Kingdom office address is as follows: Ventnor Enterprise Ltd, Tower Bridge House, St. Katherine’s Way, London E1W 1DD.

The No Strings Attached website’s contact details include few toll-free contact numbers belonging to all the particular offices like 888-575-8383, which is the toll-free number of the United States office. Then 0800 098 8311 is the toll-free number of the United Kingdom office. 1800-954-607 is the toll-free number of the Australian office. The worldwide toll-free number is as follows 48-702-1033. This particular number can be dialed by any member worldwide whenever they feel like contacting the customer service for asking their queries.



The No String attached website turns out to be one of the best hookup sites based on the users’ No Strings Attached reviews. The site is suitable for anyone, be it a single or a married individual. The website never fails to satisfy the users’ expectations with the help of all the interactive features provided. No Strings Attached is the perfect platform for all the singles and married individuals out there who find pleasure and relish missing in their lives and therefore look forward to casual hookups.

It not only provides users with chatting or meet up highlights but also helps them make their conversations fun with the help of all the multimedia features like live webcams and video chatting. The site thrives in meeting all the users’ requirements and creating a flawless interface for them. It is ultimately the user’s choice whether they wish to use the format on the No Strings Attached website to explore casual dating.

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