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Flingster Review From Experts: The Truth About Online Sex

Flingster Review From Experts: The Truth About Online Sex
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Active Audience 55%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 1 500 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Firstly, the Flingster website is free to use for all its users all over the world. The members can enjoy all the services of Flingster like sex video calls, chatting, and matchmaking without paying even a single penny. If someone wishes to buy a premium subscription, then they can, but it is preferred not to buy one.
  • The site's working is simplistic, you only need to go on the site, and it allocates a chat room wherein you can communicate either through text or using video calls.
  • Flingster is an anonymous website that creates a chatroom where one can have a fun session with the member allocated.
  • Flingster is a prejudice-free service, and the members need not have to discuss their personal lives.
  • There is no compulsion for the members to be single to register on the Flingster website. The interactions between the members do not often lead to any relationships or commitments. The participants can take the course of their communication in the matchmaking direction if they wish to.
  • It is not at all age-restricted. It is open to all age groups above the age of 18.
  • Flingster website is free, but it is less secure, as it does not have any formal and authentic registration process for the members that affect the website's security.
  • The members of Flingster are not very much active, and most of the sign-ups are single-time users records.
  • There are many male profiles on the Flingster website, whereas the female profiles lie in the minority. This irregularity disturbs the male-to-female ratio.
  • Due to the anonymity, there are many fake accounts actively created, which attacks the site's authenticity.

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Dating has become innovative in recent times, and thanks to websites like Flingster, it makes finding and communicating with the date easier. Okay, so talking about the Flingster website refers to an online anonymous sex dating and random chatting chatroom that uses text and video calls as the communication medium.

To be a member on the Flingster website comes free of cost, but there is an option for the users to buy a premium membership if they wish to. This premium membership comprises additional filters and tweaks call settings. It is comparatively more secure as it allows the paid user to control whom that user can text or call.

If they are satisfied with the free membership, then they can still enjoy talking to new anonymous users by entering a chatroom. Flingster even helps the members find matches who search for finding a partner with a solemn dating mindset or intentions. The overall structure and design of the Flingster website are acutely unique and not intricate. It is comfortable to use, and most importantly, it is free to use.

Remarkable Design of the Site

Remarkable Design of the Site

The website design of Flingster is not at all complicated such that anybody can use it. It has an uncomplicated registration process, after which the website spontaneously steers the person to an anonymous chatroom where you can communicate with a member of the opposite sex. This website is a pretty remarkable concept which transformed and even elevated the entire dating experience to a fancy level. Offline or conventional dating is now quite old fashioned, but even online dating got inspired by offline dating. It filled all the voids in traditional dating. This portal is a delightful blend of technology and emotions. If someone opts for Flingster as a platform to find their partners, they experience a very extraordinary medium to fulfill their requirements. In this process, they also get to know each other very closely, as they can chat with the person or meet them on video calls virtually from the comfort of their home.

Flingster comes with text and video calling options to make the flings interactive. It also possesses an instant language translator that serves as a beneficial tool when it comes to having proper two-way communication. The graphics and the user interface are very catchy and completely suiting the site’s theme and requirements that lure the members’ attention. The website is very responsive, and matches are loaded quite instantly. Flingster algorithm handles the entire allocation of users to a chatroom. When you disconnect from a particular user, the Flingster algorithm tries to immediately match you with the next user. The video of the user you connect to appears on the left, and the text appears on the right.

Special Features of Flingster That You Must Know

Special Features of Flingster That You Must Know

Features of the website are what make it unique and interesting, and some of the features of this particular website have been discussed below.

  • Affordability- It is pretty feasible as it is openly accessible to the users who wish to enjoy the Flingster website’s services for free. The paid version is also cost-effective, and one can purchase it for a much better experience.
  • AR Masks- This is a fascinating feature provided by Flingster in which the members can hide their original identities by using virtual filters. It is a fun feature, and you may select a filter that might reflect your interests, nature, and aesthetics.
  • Translation feature- As we know that Flingster has its users all across the world, there is a necessity of having a built-in translation tool to have successful two-way communication between the partners.
  • Efficiency- The Flingster website is proficient in finding a conversation partner for not more than 30 seconds, and it does not require any deep user involvement.

While the above given are some standard features that any user can expect, details of how it can be used and how this feature makes Flingster unique has been discussed further.

One of the Flingster website’s best features is that the user can start the webcam but still can stay anonymous if he/she chooses to by selecting the site’s facemask features. The site is open for all genders and relationship status. It’s totally the user’s choice whether they want to meet people, talk to them, date them, or have a one night stand with them. The site is strictly for users who are above 18 years old. There are over almost 4 million users of the Flingster website.

Most of the users of the Flingster website are from the US. The user can chat with anyone across the globe regardless of how far or how near they are.

Another main feature of this website is that there are so few scam accounts as it gives a badge to the users, which shows that the profile is verified and not scam. A verified badge signifies that the user is legitimate and not a bot or scam. This also makes the user more comfortable to chat with or get in contact with. Also, the Flingster website is designed so simple and is straightforward and easy to use. It creates the best potential matches for you, and you are all set to find your date. But don’t get mistakes quickly, this website may cost you a little, and you need to beware of fake profiles. There have been several complaints, so you need to be a little careful here!

Randomness is always quite exciting, and that is the major feature of this particular website, which makes it fascinating for more youngsters to hop in and find out where they could land. Flingster is a random text and video website which is meant for adults. The Flingster website doesn’t even require a registration and verification process, and hence, the users can instantly reach their perfect match. In short, the Flingster website is designed for people who have a busy schedule and hence, don’t have time to tackle the comprehensive personality tests.

One of the critical features of this site is video chatting, which is also free for all users. Flingster welcomes all the users from all walks of life without distinguishing their gender, caste, religion, creed, color, race, ethnicity, etc. Therefore, this is a site that is not much expensive but gives the user’s a hell lot of features to explore and find their perfect match. The site takes a few seconds once the user clicks on the “start chatting” button to find the match of their taste.

Flingster is tremendous growth, as it makes you technology-friendly and traverses something new in an area of interest. When it comes to virtual dating, online dating sites have induced the spicy flavor of enthusiasm by building deeper connections between partners through the facilities like chatting, playing games, and various other enchanting features. This usually involves three phases that are access, communication, and matchmaking. Initially, you need to find the appropriate dating app or a website that might meet your requirements, and then you need to register on that site.

The Important Security Features That Flingster Has

The Important Security Features That Flingster Has

The free and the most widely used version of the website is less secure than the premium or paid version. The paid version assures a better profile and data security. Members can even use verified badges. The registration also does not require verification of the email address. Linking the social website and the easy registration process can turn out to be harmful to the users and expose them to hackers, scammers, or unwanted problems. The only security one can look for is being alert for any risk or suspicious activities on the website.

Quality of Profiles on the Site

Profiles of the members using the Flingster website are anonymous. It varies from user to user whether to consider this feature as an advantage or a disadvantage. The members have the liberty to disclose what personal information is accessible to other users on the Flingster website. When you link up with another Flingster member, you will be able to see their information like their gender, the hearts they have received, and even their bio along with the location. There is also an option to enter a short description of yourself in the user profile. Several tags are also available to make your profile a bit attention-seeking and intriguing.

Registration Process on the Site

Registration Process on the Site

According to the Flingster review, This website has a simple registration process. There is no filling up of complex sign up form or any personality tests to be passed. You only need to enter your email address and create a password, and then you are all set to explore the Flingster website. This instant registration is fast and uncomplicated, but at the same time, it is less secure. The Flingster website even provides the users with an option to connect their social media to their Flingster profile. The user only needs to log in to the specific sites and give your particular choices for your match. There are such dating sites that offer free services. Some dating websites like Flingster provide free subscriptions, and for some extra added features, you need to pay some nominal charges only if you want to access those extra features, otherwise not mandatory.

Possibility to Unmatch, Block and to Remove a Member on Flingster

Yes, you can unmatch, remove, or block a Flingster member whenever you want to. Once the conversation between the partners ends or even a single member leaves the chatroom or the ongoing discussion, the very next second, the website scraps the entire chat. Later you won’t be able to visit that same profile again.

The Difference Between Entering as a Guest and Entering as a Member

When one enters as a member, they have to login or sign up into the website using logging with Google or Twitter or with a pre-registered email address and password. Suppose a person wants to access the website without being a member. In that case, they can directly select their gender, accept the terms and conditions, gain direct entry to the chatroom, and even allow access to the camera and a microphone.

The major difference between the user and trying out the website as a guest and entering assembly member is that they will not experience the full list of features present on the website as a guest. Also, the registration is free, leaving no obligation for the user to bother being a guest here. The privacy policies could be read and understood if the user is focused on the data issues before registration.

Availability of Mobile Applications

Availability of Mobile Applications

The Flingster website doesn’t have any native mobile application, but it has a mobile browser version. It is similar to the desktop version having almost the same features and functionalities, but it is slower and less responsive than the desktop version. The disadvantage of using the browser version is that it asks to provide access to your device’s media, which is not a safe thing to do. It is preferred not to share your sensitive and personal information that might risk your identity and your device’s safety.

Know About the Download of Application From the Site

There is no mobile application, and hence it cannot be downloaded from the site. However, the user can try out the website in their mobile browsers with the website’s available mobile version.

Mobile Version of the Site

Mobile Version of the Site

There is a mobile version of the site, which is easily accessible by just typing the address of the Flingster website in Google or the Safari browser. This portal provides entirely free dating services 24/7 hours a week. You will never have to use your credit card as there is no subscription fee for this. Free Singles website can be accessed everywhere at any time on your mobile, desktop, or laptop for finding the special dating partner easily.

Availability of This Dating Site on the Google Play Store and App Store

There is no application, which can serve as a dating platform for Android or iOS users. However, Flingster app is available as a dating guide on the Google Play store.

Favorable Platform for the Users

There is no application, but the Flingster website is quite favorable to its users.

Pricing Structure and Features

Pricing Structure and Features

The Flingster website gives access to both free and premium subscriptions. The users need to switch to premium subscription as there is not much feature available for free users to enjoy the additional features. Some of the free services are registration, texting, video chatting, AR masks, and messages. Whereas, the premium subscription comes up with a duration of one week, one month, and six months.

The price for one week is 6.99 USD per week, the price for one month is 19.99 USD per month, and the price for six months is 14.99 USD per month. The fee-based services include gender filter, location filter, I-chat verified badge, free from ads, reconnected, and AR face filters. There is only one payment option provided by the Flingster website, and that is a credit card. Payments for premium membership are made by a third-party agent who collects Segpay with their credit card. Not only has this, but they also handle all the concerns and issues related to billing and the cancellation of your purchase’s auto-renewal. There is no refund available if anything happens during the time of the billing cycle.

Premium members on this website get additional perks. Flingster, as compared to other websites, is considerably cheap. The portal is entirely free, and there might be some constraints for people who have not yet chosen the premium membership idea but then it is always worth the try.

For a week, it’s 6.99 USD, 19.99 USD for a month, and 89.94 USD for half a year. The additional features are Gender Filter, where people can specify the gender they can interact with for the paid members. They also get a location-based filter that helps people find other people in their local area. On paid membership, there will be no annoying ads to disturb the member, and these members also get an I-chat verified badge to their profile. One can get reconnected to the previous member in case they accidentally disconnected from that chat.

Flingster also provides a unique feature called the AR face filter. Since Flingster is primarily a video chatting website, protecting one’s identity becomes paramount. Virtual masks can do this, and they also act as a great conversation starter. A paid Flingster membership is more secure since users get more say on whom they can call and message.

Contact Information

  • Company: Brentwood Holding Group, Inc.
  • Address: Road Town, Tortola, VG1110, British Virgin Islands
  • E-Mail: [email protected]
  • Phone-Hotline: +1 800-952-5210


According to the Flingster review, it is a very convenient and easy way of interacting with people and chatting with them. The platform is best suited for the people who want to get into relationships or hookups without concern about their gender, sex, relationship status, etc. The Flingster reviews are also outstanding, with good ratings. The website is mainly for users who are above the age group of 18. And the users who haven’t completed their 18 years are strictly prohibited from using this website. Apart from this, there is no age limit; the 50 plus users can also join the Flingster community.

The Flingster website gives people more satisfaction than any other dating site. The Flingster website does not own their mobile application, but the user can browse at any time or any moment and enjoy the fast-paced world of Flingster. The communication feature is free for all the users, which makes it more interactive. Fligngster offers a fast way to meet other people, without the hassles of registration, uploading pictures, or personality test, the video chat feature is available right away. However, Flingster’s safe algorithms are non-existent. There is a high chance of fraud risk on this website, and one has to be careful enough to navigate through the various to find a match genuinely.

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